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Articles by the author Paulo Nogueira about Multidimensional Therapy

In this article, you will find several articles written by the trainer and holistic therapist Paulo Nogueira about Multidimensional Therapy based on his work attending more than 1800 cases and training more than 500 multidimensional therapists over these 5 years of spiritual learning.

Multidimensional Therapy

Article: https://www.paulonogueiraterapias.com/terapia-multidimensional/

Description: In this article, Paulo Nogueira addresses the many possibilities that Multidimensional Therapy gives to those who try it, not exhausting, however, the subject and the information on this holistic therapy. Being one of the first articles written by Paulo Nogueira several years ago, it naturally received textual updates.

Multidimensional Therapy – Blockages in love life

Article: https://www.paulonogueiraterapias.com/bloqueios-na-vida-amorosa/

Description: In this article Paulo Nogueira explores the loving dimension of human conflicts that Multidimensional Therapy proposes to mitigate through its action of increasing awareness and opening the heart to facilitate forgiveness processes.

Multidimensional Therapy – Healing of love blocks

Article: https://www.paulonogueiraterapias.com/cura-de-bloqueios-amorosos/

Description: In this article Paulo Nogueira explores the issue of colored friendships analyzing its implications on the self-esteem of those involved and how Multidimensional Therapy can help clarify love situations provided, of course, the client’s willingness to do so concurs.

Multidimensional Therapy – Overcoming a betrayal

Article: https://www.paulonogueiraterapias.com/terapia-multidimensional-superar-uma-traicao/

Description: Paulo Nogueira contributes in this article to analyze the deleterious effects of a betrayal in emotional and spiritual terms as well as the psychological strategies needed to forgive and to trust the partner again.

Multidimensional Therapy – Improving professional relationships

Article: https://www.paulonogueiraterapias.com/terapia-multidimensional-melhorar-relacionamentos-profissionais/

Description: The author Paulo Nogueira helps consolidate techniques for improving professional relationships with subordinates, co-workers and superiors in order to contribute to a healthy environment in which everyone can grow professionally in harmony.

Multidimensional Therapy – Effects

Article: https://www.paulonogueiraterapias.com/terapia-multidimensional-efeitos/#terapia-multidimensional-aumentar-auto-confianca

Description: Paulo Nogueira addresses the multiple effects that a session of Multidimensional Therapy has on a person’s life, particularly at the level of strengthening their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Multidimensional Therapy – Healing of low self-esteem

Article: https://www.paulonogueiraterapias.com/cura-de-baixa-auto-estima/

Description: In the article, Paulo Nogueira reveals the most common symptoms of low self-esteem and how Multidimensional Therapy can help you regain the will to live with more hope, Peace and Love.

Síndrome de baixa auto-estima

Article: https://www.paulonogueiraterapias.com/sindrome-de-baixa-auto-estima/

Description: Paulo Nogueira exposes the most recurrent symptomatology of people with low self-esteem and their strategies, sometimes ineffective, to deal with the problem teaching to clarify several mechanisms of self-sabotage and how to overcome them having as background, first of all, their recognition.

Multidimensional therapy – the rescue of bodies

Article: https://www.paulonogueiraterapias.com/terapia-multidimensional-o-resgate-de-corpo/

Description: In this article, Paulo Nogueira teaches about the rescue operations of the Beings of Light in the Threshold.

Multidimensional Therapy – the rescue of the Soul

Article: https://www.paulonogueiraterapias.com/terapia-multidimensional-o-resgate-da-alma/

Description: Paulo Nogueira informs about the symptoms of a person with a part of his energy outside his physical body as well as the possible causes.

Multidimensional Therapy – Cleansing of negative spells

Article: https://www.paulonogueiraterapias.com/terapia-multidimensional-limpeza-de-magia/

Description: Paulo Nogueira, in this article, informs about the karmic consequences of performing negative spells and how a person, “victim” of magic, should deal with the problem with maximum Love and Compassion towards the author of the same in order to minimize its effects. Paulo Nogueira, reminds the teachings of spirit André Luiz that states that no pain or suffering comes without having a previous cause and that everything is framed in the general plan of the Divine Justice even if temporarily it is not understood in its plenitude in this way by the offended ones.

Multidimensional Therapy – Rescue the inner child

Article: https://www.paulonogueiraterapias.com/resgate-da-crianca-interior/

Description: Paulo Nogueira approaches the concept of the archetype of the Inner-Child that lurks inside each one of us, seeking to manifest itself through spontaneity, creativity and joy whenever the adult in us gives it permission to do so. Paulo Nogueira teaches about the causes that can prevent our beautiful inner self from shining and reaching its full potential when the inner-child is wounded or hurt in some way by the inadaptation to rules instituted by parents or society.

Multidimensional therapy – revoking vows from past lives

Article: https://www.paulonogueiraterapias.com/revogar-votos-e-promessas-de-vidas-passadas/

Description: Paulo Nogueira teaches about the several vows that a human being may have contracted in past lives such as the vow of chastity, eternal fidelity, celibacy, loneliness and poverty that undermine the efforts of living a happier, more prosperous and harmonious existence.

Multidimensional Therapy Cases

Article: https://www.paulonogueiraterapias.com/casos-de-terapia-multidimensional/

Description: Paulo Nogueira discusses several case studies about Multidimensional Therapy and exposes the various functionalities that it offers, including the treatment of generalized anxiety, termination of karmic contracts, reprogramming of subtle DNA and removal of chips and implants.

Multidimensional Therapy – What it’s for

Article: https://www.paulonogueiraterapias.com/terapia-multidimensional-para-que-serve/

Description: Paulo Nogueira, holistic therapist and trainer, explains what Multidimensional Therapy is for in its various aspects where it proposes to treat emotional, mental and spiritual problems using an energetic approach in conjunction with Stellar Beings of Light and with Master Saint Germain, Archangel Michael, Sananda (Jesus), Mother Mary, Master Kuthumi amongst various other ascended masters.

Multidimensional Therapy – What is

Article: https://www.paulonogueiraterapias.com/terapia-multidimensional-o-que-e/

Description: Paulo Nogueira explains in simple lines what Multidimensional Therapy consists of. The author explains that Multidimensional Therapy has results in the healing of various fears that, despite serving a protective purpose as mechanisms for survival and adaptation to a hostile environment, prevent the human being from manifesting his desires. In this therapy, the fears that shape the subjective experience of a hostile world give way to a paradigm of life based on Love and Oneness.

Multidimensional Therapy – How it works

Article: https://www.paulonogueiraterapias.com/terapia-multidimensional-como-funciona/

Description: The therapist Paulo Nogueira details in this article all the aspects in which Multidimensional Therapy can contribute to the improvement of your general state, removing rooted fears of this life and past lives, rescuing your consciousness of the One, clearing past lives related to abuse of power and authority, increasing self-esteem by helping the client to realize that the absence of it is directly proportional to the absence of consciousness of his Divinity as part of the Father-Mother God, the creator God that dwells in each one of us. Multidimensional Therapy helps the client to find within themselves, the part they were missing to live a more abundant and happier life.

Multidimensional Therapy – Results

Article: https://www.paulonogueiraterapias.com/terapia-multidimensional-resultados/

Description: According to the therapist Paulo Nogueira, the results of Multidimensional Therapy vary from person to person and from session to session, however, the client should be aware that he will receive what is allowed to him according to his Higher Self and for his Supreme Good. Taking off on the wings of the Beings of Light, the client experiences at each session more profound results depending on the evolution that he is making, his degree of acceptance to the changes that life imposes and that are taking place in order to allow his old ego to be renewed for one that is more friendly to his spiritual evolution.

Previous editions of the Multidimensional Therapy Course

Article: https://www.paulonogueiraterapias.com/edicoes-anteriores-de-curso-de-terapia-multidimensional/

Description: In this article, the reader can look at some of the many editions in various cities of the certified training in Multidimensional Therapy. If you would like to know if the course takes place in your city, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Multidimensional Therapy in Coimbra

Article: https://www.paulonogueiraterapias.com/terapia-multidimensional-coimbra/

Description: Come to know the Multidimensional Therapy Course if you live in Coimbra or in the surroundings of Coimbra, in the Maria João Therapies space, in a relaxed and dynamic environment, full of activities, where you will enjoy two intense days of ascension and spiritual evolution combined with several shares between students.

Multidimensional Therapy in Aveiro

Article: https://www.paulonogueiraterapias.com/terapia-multidimensional-aveiro/

Description: For you that belongs to the district of Aveiro, welcome to the Multidimensional Therapists Course with the trainer Paulo Nogueira. In this wonderful course, you will be able to work on various subjects related to the professional, loving, social or spiritual area with the Beings of Light and the masters of the Great White Brotherhood. In this course you will be able to learn various themes of deep Spirituality as well as facilitate Multidimensional Therapy sessions for other trainees at the end of the course. Come learn how to work on yourself and others using the multidimensional Heart!

Certified Multidimensional Therapist

Article: https://www.paulonogueiraterapias.com/terapeuta-certificado-de-terapia-multidimensional-com-paulo-nogueira/

Description: Come and participate in a training with certified trainer Paulo Nogueira. During this course, you will learn how the heart chakra is used as a multidimensional healing center by teams of Beings of Light anchored in the energy of the multidimensional therapist. In addition to learning about divine laws and the various dimensional planes, you will discover a tool that will allow you to work beyond time and space on the most diverse evolutionary aspects of a human being.

Multidimensional Therapy in the Algarve

Article: https://www.paulonogueiraterapias.com/terapia-multidimensional-algarve/

Description: Get to know Multidimensional Therapy brought to the Algarve by Paulo Nogueira, multidimensional therapist and trainer, bringing you the opportunity to heal various traumas and phobias, align your chakras, do regression and progression of past, future and parallel lives as well as understand your purpose as a Soul incarnated on Earth.

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