Emotional Reset is a therapy that allows the client to free themselves from several negative thought patterns that are rooted in limiting beliefs at the subconscious level.

This technique allows you, with the help of very sophisticated electromagnetic equipment, to activate your cells, making them more receptive to a reprogramming with beliefs that will help you regain conscious control of your thoughts and emotions.

Emotional Reset Consultations

Emotional Reset Consultations

It is especially suitable for people who are going through a period of emotionally stressful experiences and need to regain emotional balance. Examples of such experiences may include the feeling of having suffered a betrayal, the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, a news event that has shaken you or any other fact that has caused a lack of faith in your own abilities, your resilience, your self-love or that has made you feel that your life no longer makes sense or at least significantly less sense from the moment the event occurred.

This therapeutic approach allows a deepening of the client’s self-knowledge and requires a commitment to awareness of their guilt patterns, fears and frustrations that will be worked on, session after session, with the therapist.

Therapist: Paulo Nogueira
Value of the 1st session: 30€.
Duration of the 1st session: 1h30
Value of subsequent sessions: 20€
Duration of the following sessions: 1h

Scheduling an Emotional Reset session

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