Spiritual Cleansing, performed in person or remotely, aims to cleanse the aura of the person, their energy field and remove the feeling of “carrying the world on your back” as well as remove negative emotions that are accumulating in the emotional body. These dissonant energies may be feelings of frustration, discouragement, anxiety, demotivation, anger, apathy, or a desire for social isolation for no apparent reason.

This therapy is intended for people who feel a permanent discomfort in “being in their own skin”, with symptoms of tiredness, low energy, who very easily absorb the energy of environments and other people and is therefore particularly suitable for mediums, Indigo children/adults and Crystal children/adults.

From time to time, a person feels “very burdened” either by living with very negative people on a daily basis or by living in negative environments or environments that attract a lot of negativity. As it is not always possible for a person to protect themselves properly in energetic terms, given that the very negative people involved can be their own partners, parents, siblings, colleagues at school, college or work, it is simply up to them to cleanse themselves energetically from time to time as they feel more and more “charged”.

The consequences of a “polluted” aura of negativity beyond tiredness and not having the energy to make decisions that require a greater emotional involvement, imply loss of productivity at the professional level, progressive alienation from other people at the social and affective level, the lack of will weakens the creativity and natural dynamism of the person, promotes idleness and the desire to lie in bed to sleep without having time or desire to wake up again.

Places that attract a lot of negativity

  • Places with many bars (sexual desire, lust, frustration, alcohol, futility, egotistical behavior, anger, veiled competition based on appearance, manipulative seduction games, etc.)
  • Graveyards (sadness, anguish, grief, sorrow, regret, resentment, etc.)
  • Shopping centres (unbridled desire to buy, permanent dissatisfaction due to the desire to “take the whole store home” but not having enough money to do so, etc)
  • Companies whose remuneration policies encourage fierce competition between their employees making them forget values such as friendship, mutual aid, cooperation and professional solidarity
  • Locations where suicides have been committed

Therapist: Paulo Nogueira
Session duration: 1 hour
Price: 30€
Mode: face-to-face or distance

Spiritual Cleansing Session Marking

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Note: The Spiritual Cleansing performed consists of a subtype of Multidimensional Therapy, therefore this therapy should not be confused with the homonymous work that is commonly performed in a spiritist centre by mediums. Therefore, the therapist does not assume any mediumistic gifts (clairvoyance, clairaudience, incorporation, channeling of guides, entities or energies, precognition, among others) before, during or after the execution of the therapy session.
In case of spiritual urgency, it is recommended to seek a spiritualist center.