Level II Traditional Reiki increases your energetic power with the 3 symbols you will be taught during this 1-day course that will transform you into a Level II Traditional Reiki therapist and allow you to substantially raise your healing power through the use of the symbols.

Level II of Traditional Reiki is called Okuden which means “The Transformation”.

Programmatic content

A manual and a certificate are delivered.

Upcoming dates:
“Sunday, January 9, ’22

Place: Espaço Paulo Nogueira Terapias, Lumiar, Lisbon
Cost: €80 (includes €20 pre-registration fee to reserve a place)
Duration: from 10:00 to 18:00 (1 day)
Offer: Morning snack and afternoon snack
Master: Paulo Nogueira

Pre-registration should be done preferably 5 days in advance in order to guarantee your place as the course has limited vacancies.

Courses in individual mode

If you are not available on the date of the collective course, the course can be carried out in individual mode on the date that is most convenient to the student. The course is given in the same molds as in the collective version and can be scheduled for any day of the week (including holidays) or weekend and the student, after the course, always count on the availability of the master to clarify doubts. At the value of the course in collective mode, are added €20.
The course in individual mode, given that it is an exclusive training for a student, lasts 4 hours, half the time of a collective course being passed the same information and the same practices.
It can be scheduled from 10:00 to 14:00, from 14:00 to 18:00 or from 18:00 to 22:00.

After the course of Reiki (at any level), the student (in case you need to revise your knowledge and use of the techniques) can always repeat the course if you wish to have a discount of 20. You can also take the free Reiki course by joining the promotion.

Enroll in a Traditional Reiki Course Level II

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Reiki Symbols

In level II of the Traditional Reiki course, the therapist is attuned by the Reiki master with 3 symbols that will amplify the energetic power of the therapist and will substantially increase his/her abilities. At this level, the beginner will receive knowledge of how and when to use each symbol. The 2nd level symbols are Sei He Ki, Cho Ku Rei and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.

Sei He Ki

Sei He Ki harmonizes the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The left hemisphere governs logical and deductive reasoning while the right governs intuition, imagination, dreaming and feelings. It is not good to live only dominated by one hemisphere. People excessively governed by the right hemisphere tend to live in an abstract world, of fantasy, of imagination, at the drift of their emotions and feelings but without any material accomplishment, which makes them particularly incapable of realizing their ideals here in Matter, while people excessively governed by the left hemisphere tend to live in a too concrete, logical, rational world, attached to rules, which restricts their creativity, their ideas, their ability to find different paths to the same direction or even different directions.

All reality is based on duality, the eternal dance of opposites. Sei He Ki allows this harmonization of the two hemispheres in order to create balance between the forces of reason and heart.

In the West, we are often conditioned to repress our emotions, which will cause them to become trapped in our energy system. We can make the analogy with the blood system. The trapped emotions would be what you would call an energetic clot. The symbol Sei He Ki, by harmonizing the dimension of thinking with the dimension of feeling, will free those trapped emotions that the person did not allow him/herself to experience at a certain moment and that can originate diseases in the physical body (soma). Whenever a person chooses to rationalize (think) an emotion instead of feeling it, as a way to gain a sense of mental control over the emotion, the emotion gets trapped in the energy system. This happens most often with strong and, at the same time, unpleasant emotions. The escape from experiencing the negative emotion is to rationalize it inwardly in order to give the bearer a sense of control over it. For example, this can happen when a wife is a victim of domestic violence and when she is suffering the abuse, instead of experiencing the emotion of anger, sadness, hurt, or resentment towards her partner, she decides to rationalize it to herself, inwardly saying that he has the right to assault her because she forgot to iron his shirt, mentalizing her less positive attitudes to excuse the abuser and ending up repressing the emotions which unconsciously leads to creating these energetic blocks that the symbol Sei He Ki will dissolve when applied.

Used for:

  • harmonize the emotional bodies of the person
  • align the 4 upper chakras (heart, throat, third sight and crown)
  • seek information from the deepest self of the person you treat or yourself
  • treat the emotional aspect of Being


  • Sei He Ki represents harmony between opposites and is the symbol of purification and balance between opposing forces
  • Its name means “As above, so below”, “Man and God become One” and “Earth and Heaven unite”.
  • It therefore symbolizes the union between the human and the divine, which explains its almost human form