Paulo Nogueira is a holistic therapist and trainer of several courses in the area of Spirituality.
Graduated in Computer Engineering in 2007, he participated in several IT projects, having collaborated in several companies for a few years, until he felt the inner call of Alma for his mission: healing and teaching.

Since his 13 years he nurtures a passion for Spiritualism, having begun to study the area through several classical works until 2008, the date from which he began several formations of personal development and Spirituality.

On December 21, 2012, he founded Paulo Nogueira Terapiasspace, and began to dedicate himself entirely to his life mission, rescuing, from there, the purpose of his incarnation, having already helped hundreds of people to find their way.

Transcendental Meditation practitioner since 2009, traditional Reiki therapist since 2010, has been master of Traditional Reiki since 2013, master of Kundalini Reiki, professor of Meditation, trainer of the Multidimensional Therapy Course since 2014 and several others.

He also has training in Crystalline Healing, Reconnective Healing® Level II, Radionic Table, Munay Ki, Magnified Healing®, Karuna Reiki Level I, Level I Tibetan Cups, Reiki Regression, Tibetan Traditional Reiki 3A and Hebrew Pendulum.

He completed the Aura Reading Course in October 2010, recycling it in 2012 with the aim of improvement, having since facilitated 1317 Aura Reading sessions, which allowed him to develop his intuition and discover more than 2500 past lives for his consuls, contributing to the expansion of his consciences and his, once teaching, one also learns.

Always eager to deepen its connection with the Divine, he became a facilitator of Multidimensional Therapy in 2013, a tool of spiritual evolution that would influence him throughout his trajectory, by noting through the more than 2000 visits of this therapy performed since then, the most diverse changes of consciousness and life, produced in his clients, with the help of the Beings of Light and the ascended masters.

Although, with Reiki, already achieving very satisfactory healing results in its patients, continues in the search for professional excellence, participating in the lecture and seminar of Reconnective Healing® on 11, 12 and 13 October 2013, taught by Dr. Eric Pearl, at the Congress Center of Lisbon, becoming a Reconnective Healing Therapist® since then. From that date to date, he has administered more than 350 Reconnective Healing sessions®, face-to-face and distance.

She became a trainer of the Multidimensional Therapy Course in May 2014, when she had more than 500 visits since her training as a multidimensional therapist in March 2013, a practical experience that would become valuable teachings in her face-to-face and online courses. Paulo Nogueira has trained, to date, more than 1000 multidimensional therapists in courses held in Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Soure (Coimbra), Santarém, Torres Novas, Porto de Mós (Leiria), Faro, Olhão, Portimão, Setúbal, Vila Nova de Gaia, Funchal (Madeira Island) and Angra do Heroísmo (Terceira Island, Azores).

At the international level, he taught the Multidimensional Therapy Course in Diekirch, Luxembourg as well as Switzerland, from 2015, in the cities of Olten (canton of Solothurn), Lachen (canton of Schwyz), Meilen (canton of Zürich), Dübendorf (canton of Zürich), Conches (canton of Genève), Genève (canton of Genève), Saint-Prex (canton of Vaud) and Lausanne (Vaud).

In 2017, he began to teach the Multidimensional Therapy Course in the Online modality, finding that the effectiveness of energy transformation in the trainees, derived from the initiations and meditations of the course, was identical to the face-to-face modality. In the online aspect, more than 200 new multidimensional therapists were trained, living in Brazil, Switzerland, Angola, UK, Spain, USA, Australia, Germany and, of course, Portugal.