Ascensional Healing is a therapy designed to remove various obstacles of emotional, mental and spiritual origin that prevent the human being from reaching full realization. This tool operates at various frequencies of reality, at the level of the various subtle bodies, transforming the person’s consciousness, session after session, so that they begin to regain control of their role as co-creator of their personal reality.

Co-created by Paulo Nogueira in 2018 in cooperation with the ascended masters, related to Earth and other star systems, this is a tool that will bring the human being closer to his true essence by awakening his capacity for Forgiveness, Unconditional Love and Unconditional Acceptance before the situations that life brings him during his trajectory.

In each session of Ascension Healing, the patient has the opportunity to work on detachment from people and situations that cause him suffering, to take responsibility for his life, to acquire a consciousness of freedom in communion with the values of the highest Spirituality and to relearn to love in a universal way.

As the sessions progress, the patient should integrate in his life certain aspects of a model of thinking closer to Unity consciousness that will allow him to increase his vibration through the capacity to love himself and others more, the capacity to understand that some of the problems that arise in life are, in reality, sometimes challenges chosen by his own Soul when still in the Light, before reincarnating, to overcome, and consequently become stronger, more luminous, experienced, compassionate and humble until he is free from the wheel of Samsara and proceed to a new stage of evolution in which physical incarnations become only of one’s own volition and not imposed by the imperative need to cleanse past karmas.

Being an ascension tool with the purpose of helping the human being to overcome his limitations, the Ascension Healing has no finite number of sessions, since the potential of the human being is infinite and each session raises, consciously or unconsciously, the vibratory pattern of the patient.

In each session of Ascension Healing, different aspects of the Being can be worked on, namely, Child-Inner, Shadow, balance of the masculine-feminine polarity, limiting beliefs, fears, attachments, feelings of abandonment, rejection and not belonging as well as many others. The Masters and Beings of Light will, to the extent of proper permission by the patient, alter the information in your electromagnetic field so that you can attract a more prosperous and happy reality.

Duration: 1h00
Price: 30€