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The Tarot is a set of fascinating symbols, most people use only the taromancia. Mine is the Tarot which is a set of 78 cards divided into two groups: 22 Major Arcana, or the so-called seasons of the great journey 21 numbered cards and one without numbering, 56 Minor Arcana, which form the fourteen seasons of the four suits or the small journeys, because the word tarot comes from TAR, which means path and RHO, which in turn means real and true, and thus with the Tarot we have a real or true path to our inner self-discovery.

Each of the Arcana can be seen as a different seen path in the process of individualization, as each of them also reflects a different aspect of the ego. Its symbols have the capacity to modify human consciousness, since they incorporate the symbolic representations of universal ideas. They show the intuition and “fantasy” of those who use them, being like a mirror in which we can see each other. Thus, it can be said that tarot, in addition to a means of divination, is a powerful and useful means of self-reflection and knowledge that allows us to come into contact with the inner voice that we all have, enabling it to manifest itself in order to gain a safe source of personal guidance.

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