Distance Multidimensional Stellar Healing consists of a Multidimensional Therapy session operated by the Beings of Light of the multidimensional team in conjunction with the frequencies of Reconnective Healing®, the spiritual hierarchies of Quantum Stellar Healing and the Diamond Healing energy of therapist Paulo Nogueira. This modality of healing arises with the objective of providing total flexibility of schedules for the service, so that it can be scheduled in the form below for any time of day, since it is the therapist’s spiritual teams who will carry out the work and not the therapist himself, ceasing his participation at the moment when the request for service is forwarded to the Beings of Light.

How does it work?

The first step is to fill out the form on this page. On that form you should indicate:

  • your full name
    Do not give someone else’s name. Multidimensional Star Healing will only be performed on the requester. Therefore, you should not indicate in this field the name of a relative, friend, co-worker, employee, employer, neighbor, tenant, landlord, acquaintance, etc. Multidimensional Star Healing is a therapy that fully respects the Law of Free Will. As such, it will not interfere with a person who has not expressly requested therapy. The applicant himself must always take full responsibility for his life and his spiritual improvement and cannot delegate this responsibility to anyone else but himself.
  • the date of the session
    Since there will be no direct participation of the therapist but only of the teams of Beings of Light who are the ones who will actually perform the therapy, you can choose any date (including weekends and holidays). The therapist will only forward the request to the Beings of Light at the moment he accesses the content of the appointment request form, and there is no longer the participation and presence of the therapist but only of the Beings of Light of the therapist’s team on the date and time scheduled on the form.
  • session time
    For the same reason stated above, you may choose any time for your therapy according to your availability. Since it will be the therapist’s team of Beings of Light who will be conducting your energy therapy session, the therapist will not be present.
  • session topics
    The client/session requester should briefly indicate one or more topics. It may include, by way of example:
    a) increased self-esteem and self-confidence
    b) opening of the heart to flow more love for self and others
    c) clearing up fears, guilt, anger and worries
    d) energetic cleansing and emotional cleansing
    e) harmonize relationship with a relative, friend or acquaintance
    f) cleansing of spells and referral of obsessors
    (g) clear phobia of air travel
    h) align the chakras
    (i) other matters

Then, make the payment exclusively using the Paypal form for this purpose, taking care to indicate the full name in the same way as indicated in the form of appointment.

Within 8 hours, you will receive an email confirming the date and time chosen by you as well as the desired topics. You will also be confirmed that your session request has been forwarded for the Beings of Light to act upon you at the time and date selected on the form.

How to prepare for the session

At the date and time selected, you must ensure that no one will disturb you during the session. A calm, warm and comfortable environment is recommended. You should put on the relaxation music indicated below and lie on your stomach, arms around your body or on your chest, legs uncrossed and eyes always closed during the session. The eyes should remain closed in order to get in touch with your inner self and enter an alpha state.
The chosen location could be a bed, sofa bed or a divan, i.e. something that is comfortable enough to fall asleep in if necessary.

You should put a relaxation song available on Youtube.
Recommended music: Prelude to Infinity by Robert Coxon

Sensations during the session

During the session you can experience various sensations depending on your degree of openness and surrender to the session with the Beings of Light and mediumistic sensitivity. You may feel something like:

  • feeling of energy coursing through your arms, legs and face
  • sensations of mild cold or heat
  • visualization of colors such as gold, violet, indigo blue, light blue, turquoise, white, pink and green
  • light touches or pressure on any part of the body
  • pressure on the chest as if something had been placed on top
  • stop feeling the body
  • feeling lighter or heavier
  • feeling of relaxation intermediated with various emotions. Sometimes, the client may feel some sensations of anguish or fear which is not necessarily negative as it is normal to externalize some emotions when they are being released from the subconscious and unconscious being part of the process
  • feeling of relief, relaxation and lightness
  • seemingly disconnected images of people and scenes. Typically, these images may refer to past life scenes that are being cleared and whose resolution was related to one of the topics requested on the session scheduling form
  • sensations of presences and light forms that move over the client. For these sensations and perceptions to be felt you should always keep your eyes closed during the session.

End of session

After 45 minutes have passed since the session, you should stand up and leave your feedback on our Facebook page about the sensations felt during the session. Your feedback is very important to us!

Make payment for a session of Multidimensional Star Healing
Value: 10eur

Full Name

Advantages of Multidimensional Star Healing

  • You can schedule for any date (365 days a year) for any time (24 hours a day) since the presence of the therapist is not necessary
  • No need to go to the therapist’s office in Lisbon
  • Reduced value of only 10eur. A session of Multidimensional Therapy, in person or online, has a value of 35eur. A session of Reconnective Healing, in person or online, has a value of 30eur.