Paulo Nogueira Terapias is a name that will stay in your mind as a project of ascension and spiritual evolution of the human being when you contact us. The Paulo Nogueira Terapias project helps you to awake through several therapies and courses that we put at your disposal to give motto to the slogan “Ready to Know Yourself? This project, by the therapist Paulo Nogueira, aims to awaken the ancestral memory of your Soul and catalyze the consciousness you have of yourself so that you intuitively seek to obtain your divine inheritance within your own spiritual DNA. Paulo Nogueira Terapias comes at the right time to help the souls of Earth to recognize the emergence of the golden age that is coming.

The Paulo Nogueira Terapias project has formed a global community of Lightworkers who are spreading the word of Faith, of Hope. of self-knowledge, of the Divine Being that dwells in each one of us so that each one becomes more and more the master of himself, in close union with the fulfillment and respect of the Spiritual Laws that govern all co-creation, activating a whole multitude of hearts and minds that have eyes for tosee and ears to hear.

The Paulo Nogueira Terapias space provides you with the tools to learn how to nurture and prepare your heart to share with others the limitless depths of your divine nature and establish a perfect connection with your inner God. Paulo Nogueira helps you to recognize the divine qualities of your true Self, to remember who you really are and to recall the knowledge that has always been within you. With the sovereign power of your free will you will be able to activate your divine genome and awaken long dormant codes in your DNA.

The therapist Paulo Nogueira will help you to reflect on yourself while the ascended masters will give you the possibility to experience several initiations that will accelerate your spiritual awakening beyond logic and human effort by simply focusing on your divinity. No matter how much you may at the moment not understand, by using tools such as Multidimensional Therapy or the Ascension Healing Course, you can awaken memories of past and parallel lives that have long been waiting to be witnessed by you.

Numerous spiritualist currents can now be integrated into a logical and intelligible whole with the goal of bringing you closer to ascending into fifth dimensional consciousness. Using Taoism, Shamanism, Sufism, Spiritualism, Umbanda, Gnostic Christianity, Kabbalism among other philosophical and spiritual currents, the Paulo Nogueira Terapias project welcomes all seekers of Truth who wish to find the true meaning in their lives beyond their worldly and short-term goals.

For you who read this text written by therapist Paulo Nogueira, do you now feel able to embrace your true divine nature? Do you finally feel able to renounce the vows and promises made in your past lives, some of which were linked to various religions and spiritualist groups that imposed secrecy on your activities in order to “protect” them? God does not need to be protected. Love needs no protection. Only his own nature is enough for him. The one who needs defending is the ego of the one who thinks he knows what love is. Although the lives of various masters who have taken place here on Earth have influenced groups of millions of followers in particular ways, creating a culture of their own, the values they have always professed remain common to each other, beyond the garb they have used as a bridge to reach the masses.

The Paulo Nogueira Terapias project helps you to find your path of mastery in your daily life, keeping a high consciousness in relation to all the events that permeate your existence, embracing them with the desire to experience the new in every place, in every face and in every moment.

With Paulo Nogueira you will realize the commitments made by the ascended masters in leading you along the path, always with your permission, with the sovereign power of your free will, to empower you to the level where you realize you can perform miracles with yourself, from the realization of Who you are. With Ascension Healing, you can experience the elimination of unconscious resistances of your ego, always fearful of the unknown, to finally appreciate the non-dual nature of phenomena in a Oneness consciousness. That’s what true ascension means.

Progressively, with the help of the Paulo Nogueira Terapias project, you will begin to notice that your decisions align more and more with the will of your Higher Self, to feel more unconditional love for yourself. Various divine qualities may be incorporated by you as you recognize yourself as part of the solution as well as part of the problem. Divine qualities such as creativity of genius, omniscience, innocence, purity, grace, unconditional divine love, the sovereignty of his personal power being just a few of his infinite and innumerable attributes. The dear reader having been created equal to all other souls, you nevertheless have a unique identity in the entire multiverse. It is exactly this unique identity that differentiates you from all other souls that the Paulo Nogueira Terapias project aims to stimulate in you so that you can review with affection and passion all your contributions to the great human family on Earth.

Within you, you can visualise with your inner perception, the body of light surrounding your crystalline chromosomes which contain the genes of your divinity waiting to be awakened by you. These crystalline chromosomes carry with them your soul’s ability to express and embody your self-realized divinity in human form.

According to the Law of Free Will, the divine genome of your soul remains in a latent state until you consciously and deliberately decide to give the command for its activation.

That’s what our motto means, “Ready to Meet Yourself?”