Ascensional Healing – Healing through the Energy of the Stars


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This work brings to the reader, the knowledge of an energetic and spiritual therapy that counts with the participation of the masters of 7 star systems, the ascended masters, the Archangels and the Elohim.

Ascensional Healing offers Man the possibility to recognize his essence, heal his inner-child, increase his self-esteem and personal power, while allowing him to live a meaningful and prosperous life on all levels.

Millennia ago as now, the ascended masters and stellar Beings of Light continue to make their precious help available to those who want to elevate themselves by looking within and going deeper.

As a higher spirit enunciated, using the mediumistic ability of a person I highly esteem, “You don’t need to elevate yourself. You need to deepen yourself.”

The purpose of this book is to bring out in the reader, the will to know himself and explore his potentialities through Ascensional Healing.

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