Ascension Healing


Ascensional Healing offers:

  • inner clarity

  • heart opening

  • inner peace

  • emotional cleansing

  • greater self-confidence

  • increased self-esteem

  • rescue of personal power

  • healing of the child-interior

  • work of forgiveness and self-forgiveness

  • release from sorrows and fears

  • increases faith and hope

  • works on gratitude

  • change to a higher perspective

  • identifies and clears self-sabotaging mechanisms


Ascensional Healing is a therapy that works on all the aspects that prevent the client from ascending to a Unity consciousness state.

Ascensional Healing promotes balance through deep release of negative feelings and emotions, and helps to integrate the lessons from the various life experiences one has had along the way.

During the session, either remotely or in face-to-face mode, the therapist is seated, in a meditative state, connected to the Soul of the client, and the client will be lying on a comfortable surface, face up, feeling the subtle sensations of the energy work and of the stellar Beings of Light and ascended masters. The client leaves the session refreshed, relaxed, with a greater degree of optimism and peace, happier, and with more energy.

Ascensional Healing does not focus on situations external to the client, but can build on them to better identify the values that need to be worked on in the client. The problems that the client experiences were created and attracted by himself, through his consciousness, but the healing is rooted in himself in the same way, just by letting go of excessive attachments to old ways of interpreting reality that no longer work for his supreme Good, working on forgiving himself and others, and allowing himself to be more open to the new, transforming challenges into opportunities.

The basic principles of success are already within each person, all that is needed is to let go of limiting beliefs that bind them to situations that they want to get out of. Ascensional Healing helps one to find that innate wisdom within oneself. This technique causes inner transformation through the change of perspective that the person has about himself, about others, and about the world.

The therapy works the client towards greater determination to achieve his projects, courage to live his passion, gives him clarity of ideas to identify what his priorities really are, and courage to assume them before other characters.

When the client feels fulfilled, not in terms of earthly desires, but in terms of the full acceptance of his life, in all its aspects, changing what can be changed but accepting what cannot, this therapy will have completed its goal.

Procedure to perform the therapy:
1. Add the therapy to the cart and make the payment by one of the available means (Multibanco, MBWay, Paypal and others)
2. Call 912 064 084 and schedule your therapy or wait 8 working hours for our contact
3. On the agreed date and time, your distance therapy will begin

Therapist: Paulo Nogueira

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Paulo Nogueira


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