Multidimensional Therapy


Multidimensional Therapy is a very complete and flexible therapy that allows you to address several issues in a single session, namely:

  • increased self-esteem
  • increase self-confidence
  • raise awareness

  • open one’s heart

  • clear karma

  • healing the inner child

  • recognize and integrate the Shadow

  • cleansing of negative spells

  • Indoctrination and Referral of Obsessors

  • ethereal surgeries

  • facilitate mediumistic and spiritual development

  • harmonizing love, family, social, and professional relationships

  • chip and implant cleaning

  • take personal power

  • self-acceptance

  • understand the cause of your addictions

  • eliminate self-sabotaging mechanisms

  • reduce anxiety

  • gain courage to experience new situations

  • clear up phobias

  • clearing traumas

  • clear cellular memories

  • working on forgiveness and self-forgiveness

  • increase awareness of what cannot be changed

  • develop compassion

  • develop emotional intelligence


Multidimensional Therapy is a spiritual therapeutic approach, based on the work of stellar Beings of Light who, in partnership with the ascended masters, angels and archangels, provide answers to the various problems that plague the human being, preventing him from living a more harmonious and happy life.

Multidimensional therapy, like many other energy-based therapies, can be done remotely or face-to-face. This therapy aims to transform the client’s consciousness so that they can more consciously co-create, using their personal power, the reality they desire, as long as that reality is positive for themselves and everyone around them.

Sometimes the client, after a Multidimensional Therapy session, comes out renewed, with ideas for new projects, with courage, faith and hope to move forward in their immediate pursuit, but does not integrate with the proper depth for the maintenance of that positive state. It is therefore necessary to have more sessions in a row, so that the results can be consolidated. However, there are topics that will only require a single session. In such cases, when the client returns, he or she will already bring different questions and different moods compared to the last session. To reschedule, you must wait at least 15 days since the last session.

The energy of the Beings of Light on the multidimensional therapist’s team is very loving, and the client often feels a sense of warmth and the lap he needs to rescue a state of mind that he had in childhood but has lost over time.

The more the client surrenders to the session, the more intense the results are, since the Law of Free Will is respected one hundred percent, and if the client partially blocks the session due to fears, judgments, and prejudices of any kind, the Beings of Light will fully respect his will. Thus, it is recommended that the client begins the session with an attitude of openness to the unknown and optimism, and that he is not concerned with future results, but rather with the contribution he is making in the present moment to the evolution of his Soul.

During the Multidimensional Therapy session, the therapist is connected to the client’s energy through his heart while the Beings of Light on his team work on him. The client may feel some subtle sensations, such as seeing colors, feeling presences, light touches on the body, feeling heavy or very light, yawning, experiencing some emotional catharsis, revisiting childhood memories and past lives, or even falling asleep.

Multidimensional Therapy also provides the client with a release of negative energy, in a gentle way, that is still attached to their lower subtle bodies, and fills them with an energy of lightness, harmony, and inner peace, a kind of peace that, even though sometimes adverse situations are being faced, brings the soothing, multi-millennial wisdom of the Soul that this too shall pass.

Procedure to schedule your session:
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2. After successful payment, you will immediately receive a confirmation email.
3. Call 912 064 084 to schedule your session or wait for us to contact you within 8 business hours.

Therapist: Paulo Nogueira

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1h15 mins


Paulo Nogueira


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