Meditation Course


Some of the effects of Meditation:

  • reduces stress and anxiety

  • increases energy level and vitality

  • improves health and reduces high blood pressure

  • increases memory, creativity and intelligence

  • strengthens relationships through a reinforced sense of presence

  • develops inner contentment, peace and well-being

  • increases the awareness of oneself as someone connected to the Whole

  • influences the energy of others with an aura of peace


Meditation is humanity’s oldest system of spiritual development. The Meditation Course will teach the student to meditate, achieving a deep state of awareness and attention to the present moment.

It is when the Self permeates the conscious mind that the thoughts derived from it attain a higher power of realization – this is the art of realization. But in order for the meditator to reach the transcendental state of Being, he needs the help of a mantra on which he focuses his attention during practice. By focusing exclusively on the mantra, you will observe, undisturbed by any thought emerging on the surface of your mind, that your mind becomes silent, as the mind is constantly searching for something, jumping, in seemingly endless activity, from thought to thought in a vain attempt to realize itself. The mantra distracts the mind from its normal activity and, while distracting it, makes it meet its greatest object of desire – the Self.

The mind of every human being is constantly in pain, seeking self-realization, a safe harbor where it can finally rest. It looks for it in every thought, and when it doesn’t find that realization, it goes in search of the next thought, analyzing, judging, arguing? She goes on like a blind man looking for the light. The mantra is just another thought among thousands of thoughts. However, this particular thought leads the mind out of the tangled ball of thoughts, comparable to a labyrinthine tunnel gallery, to the exit – the meditator reaches the fourth state of consciousness – the state of transcendental consciousness, a state in which he merges with the All, not leaving the body, but rather, expanding beyond the body, which together with the mind, constitutes his false identity – the ego.

Meditation helps the meditator to find his or her Self within, not to run away from reality. The meditator only fears reality because he is lost from his Being, and without his Being, he feels separated from reality. By feeling separate from something, the fear arises that this something has an agenda that does not take into consideration, the meditator’s interests.

However, the Self has always been, is and will always be present within the meditator. What Meditation helps is to regain awareness of Him within oneself. When the meditator is immersed in the consciousness of Being, he has no fear. You just feel deep peace and unconditional love. All the narratives, “negative” and “positive” that the ego has created to give itself importance, simply fade away as the mental illusions they have always been in the face of the undying Light of the truth of consciousness. Consciousness exists beyond the concept of “false” and “true”. Meditation helps us get there, to that place, where opposites touch and reconcile.

The Meditation Course consists of a set of five classes, but the client can choose to do only one or two. It can be done remotely via WhatsApp or Skype, or in person in Lisbon.

To schedule the course, you should follow these steps:
1. Add the course to the cart and make the payment.
2. Call 912 064 084 and schedule your first lesson at a date and time that is convenient for you.

Duration of each class: 1 hour
Paulo Nogueira

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