Kundalini Reiki Course


The Kundalini Reiki Course is a 3-level system that works with the Kundalini energy and promotes its awakening in a harmonious and safe way, as well as increasing awareness and personal development.

This course is taught online, via WhatsApp or other means of communication available to the student, on a date according to the beginner’s availability.

Offer: Certificate and manual in digital format.


Kundalini Reiki is a system of Reiki, channeled by Ole Gabrielson, who spent many hours in communion with Master Kuthumi in a state of meditation.

This system, divided into 3 levels, is characterized by being very easy and fast to apply compared to Essential Reiki or Traditional Reiki. Like all Reiki systems, its focus is on consciousness raising, personal development, and healing of oneself and others.

Kundalini Reiki, in particular, is an energy that works the Kundalini and the energy of the Earth, and is therefore indicated for people who need greater focus on the here and now, greater physical and psychic endurance, more physical vitality, motivation for life, the strength to carry out projects, and an increase in personal power.

In this system, the student receives 3 tunings with an interval of 3 days from the first to the second and 5 days from the second to the third. The application time of Kundalini Reiki is approximately 15 minutes and does not use symbols, unlike other systems such as the Multidimensional Shamballa Reiki System, Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, and Quantum Star Healing.

Each attunement will further open the main channel of energy circulation (sushumna), removing blockages in that channel as well as in the chakras. The ability of the chakras to absorb life energy will also be increased, which will cause therapists who already have other healing techniques to see a substantial increase in their ability to pass a greater flow of energy to themselves and their patients.

Since Reiki is a conscious energy, Kundalini awakening occurs according to the spiritual preparation each person has for this process to occur. With the help of Kundalini Reiki, the Kundalini energy rises from the base chakra to the crown in a gentle way, gradually removing the various energetic blockages that prevent it from flowing to the higher chakras, according to the degree of dedication the practitioner devotes to his or her spiritual growth and to the use of the practice.

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