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The aura is the name given to the energy field that surrounds our physical body.

The aura contains the information about everything that happens to us and how we react to what happens to us. Thoughts and emotions alter this energy field which, throughout the day, may assume different colors of the electromagnetic spectrum. However, despite all this coloristic ephemerality, there are colors that prevail and indicate more generally the personality and, eventually, the spiritual characteristics of the person.

During an Aura Reading Therapy session, this and many other important information is conveyed by the spirit of the client and this therapy can be taken, in all fairness, therefore, as a dialogue established between the spirit of the therapist and the spirit of the client, the latter being the true guide of the session in the sense that it is the spirit of the person being read that selects and transmits the images that are important to it at that moment that the client becomes aware of, the therapist assuming a role of intermediary between the spirit of the client and the client.

Aura Reading begins with the reading of the colours, images and messages associated with a rose created on the astral plane by the therapist and which represents the spirit in the present moment. In this phase, various pieces of information are transmitted to the person and these may eventually configure the theme of the reading that the spirit has selected throughout the following phases.

In this phase, for example, some unpleasant situations that the person is going through or situations in which the person finds him/herself in a phase of life where he/she has to make decisions and does not know what the consequences of each one are, may surface. Through awareness of this first phase the healing process is already beginning.

Then, several important information are passed on to the person, namely the identification of obstacles or interferences in the communication between the spirit and God, the phase of life in which the person is (phase of gathering information, phase of sorting information for decision making, phase of integration, etc) as well as the degree of spiritual evolution of the soul here on earth.

As information is made available, it is cleared by the therapist.

The energy agreements are referred to below. The spirit of the consulter may have made various agreements with the spirits of parents, siblings, children (existing or future), companions (existing or future), co-workers and subordinates and hierarchical superiors or any other person. At this stage one comes to understand the reason for various relationships (karmic or dharmic) with other people as well as their possible repetitive character.

Then, the past lives of the person are consulted through knowledge and awareness of which, various situations that were carried into the present life and are being experienced at the present time by the consulter, can now be healed and integrated. In this phase, in addition to the identification of various repetitive patterns in which the person is trapped and from which they can free themselves with Aura Reading, the gifts that the person has and of which he may not yet have become aware and which translate into potentialities to be rediscovered in the present incarnation.

Aura Reading with Paulo Nogueira

Human aura

Aura Reading, besides being a diagnostic tool, is used for cleansing and energetic rebalancing, being this healing component extremely important. In the course of a reading, the aura will be energetically rebalanced, blockages will be made conscious and then cleared and the chakras harmonized, so that the person, at the end of the session, will be aligned with their life purpose.

Aura reading also allows us to identify:

  • the learning to be done in this life
  • their personality or personalities and the origin of the same
  • the reasons for sometimes self-injurious behaviour
  • the state of each chakra and how it is influencing the person, the situations they find themselves in and their choices

Reading should be done when you feel your potential is not being fully utilized, when you feel apathetic or “lost” with confused thoughts and emotions, or when you have not yet realized your true purpose.

You should not have an aura reading if it has been read less than 3 months ago.

The aura reading can be done in person in our space (convenient for people from Lisbon) or at a distance via Skype (in this case we ask for your Skype ID in the form below).

Duration: 1.5h – 2h
Therapist: Celia de Jesus (please call 910 879 049 to book)

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