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Taking responsibility for your life is one of the consequences of an Aura Reading therapy session which has as its main objective the awareness of the consulter.

Having grown up in a culture that teaches us that we are not responsible for what we feel or think but only for what we do, a certain unaccountability of the subject occurs, visible in the phrases we commonly use to justify it.

For example, we can say “I feel irritated” instead of “I decided to create in myself the feeling of irritation since I usually use anger as a way to manipulate others since they think I can temporarily dominate them that way.” What is communicated on a subconscious level is that we are not responsible for our feelings being only a result of our reactions. Our communication implies, at its base, a type of reasoning that is passed on to us by social conditioning without us realizing it.

In order to take responsibility for your life and consequently access that freedom of choice so that you no longer feel trapped in a situation, it is necessary to learn to think in a new way. The spirit of the person often, during an aura reading, reveals this problem. It is as if there is something in the person, something of a deeper wisdom, that thinks differently from the ego. Human beings are used to a certain stream of thought and it takes some work to break that habit.

Happiness is a natural disposition in every living being, as we can observe in young children, not yet subject, or at least not yet very much subject, to social conditioning. For an adult, already subject to social conditioning, it is necessary to unlearn all these vices of reasoning and realize the harmful thoughts that take away our freedom of choice. To do this, we need to gain awareness of them and how they are harming us. That is precisely one of the functions of aura reading – The spirit, by far wiser and older than the ego, has access to a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that the ego does not have in its very short existence (80 or 90 years) and knows like no one else the importance of taking responsibility for your life since it is you who will harvest the fruits of your thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions. Cutting through the mental patterns in which thousands of hours of your time have been invested is certainly no easy task but the only way you can do it, you can initiate a change of direction is through awareness.

You have two ways to solve the problem: the first is to watch your thoughts and recommended by many western authors in the field of personal development. The second, which is the one I prefer, practice and advocate, is about accessing a higher level of consciousness, using Meditation or other tools. This second way saves years of effort and is natural. Meditation involves returning to base, raising our level of consciousness, temporarily, at a few moments during the day, so that our thoughts naturally flow from that level with increasing frequency. The meditation I recommend is the Transcendental Meditation by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Twice a day, in periods of about 15 to 20 minutes upon waking and before going to bed, we can infuse ourselves more and more with our essence, awaken our intuition and naturally have a way of thinking, a much higher and positive way of reasoning, without any effort.

The emotional world that is often seen as only reactive results from the assimilation of habits that have been reinforced over a lifetime. To eradicate these habits, it is necessary to unlearn them. You might argue that the minute the situation that causes you distress arises, you feel completely powerless to counteract it. The first solution would be to learn new ways of reacting to what happens to you, that is, to associate a positive reaction with a situation to which you previously associated a negative reaction. This first solution is based on the fact that a thought becomes a belief when worked on repeatedly and not just in the situation where we try the first time, fail and don’t try again, justifying our initial lack of experience as a lack of talent.

The second solution is through accessing a higher level of consciousness through meditation. Automatically our knots are undone, our thinking becomes optimistic and positive, we have more energy available and we become more aware of the holes (eventually, visible in our aura) through which energy is being drained. Aura Reading works differently in the sense that it allows the therapist to immediately identify and show the consulter the situations and people who are acting as energetic “vampires”.

Your free will although it does not allow you to choose which life situations you will go through (they have been done by your spirit before), it does allow you to choose how you will react to those situations that you find yourself co-creating in conjunction with a myriad of supporting and opposing co-actors. If in traffic someone coming from the left won’t give way to you or if you get irritated by the constant attempt of aggressive commercials from telecom companies and the banking sector to push services on you that you are not interested in remember: “you are too valuable to be irritated by anyone, especially by someone who is so insignificant in your life”.

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