As vantagens da meditação

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Meditation relaxes the body and mind, decreases feelings of stress and provides greater clarity. These alone are huge advantages, but there are others. Some may arise spontaneously, whether you are seeking them or not; others, however, depend on the effort invested. This is because meditation presupposes different levels.

Here we can list some of the physical benefits that are felt: reduced blood pressure, less tendency to overeat, more controlled management of chronic pain, help in combating alcohol and drug abuse, and more correct posture and greater awareness of one’s body.

The psychological benefits of meditation include: better quality of sleep, strengthened memory, more effective control of disturbing emotions such as anger and anxiety, increased tolerance for other people and minor irritations, deeper appreciation of life’s little pleasures and, of course, greater control of the mind over thoughts. Many people also claim that soon after they start meditating, comments from family and friends multiply as to how much healthier and younger they look; in addition, colleagues say it is now easier to deal and work with these “new-meditators”.

Meditation also brings remarkable benefits to all those interested in personal and spiritual development – we gain greater self-knowledge; we better understand and accept our way of being; we intensely appreciate nature; we develop a deep compassion for all living beings, and an immense gratitude for the gift of life.

There are various types of meditation: some are mantra based as in Transcendental Meditation, some are breath based and some are visualization based as in Rose Meditation which all aura reading therapists practice before doing an aura reading.

Paulo Nogueira Terapias

The rose is the central cleansing element in Rose Meditation

Rose Meditation, a method of the Foundation for Spiritual Freedom, works with roses plastered on the astral plane. This meditation allows the cleansing of the aura and the removal of blockages in each chakra as well as improving protection against intrusive external energies and gives better rooting which allows us to be more in the Here and Now.

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