Wishes and desires

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Aura Reading emerged, personally, for me as a wish or a desire of the moment in 2010.
So, also for me, becoming an Aura Reading therapist was not one day more than an initial desire, something that unveiled itself in vocation.

Too often, there are wishes that we do not see fulfilled for various reasons of which we are sometimes unaware. This is where the aura reading comes in. The aura reading comes to lift the veil on the repressed or unmanifested desires of our self. Often, these desires have years and, in some more severe cases, decades of repression, most often self-inflicted by an ego driven by feelings of non-self-acceptance or unworthiness whose nefarious actions are based on a misinterpretation of reality and others.

As long as the person does not become aware of the reasons that are motivating their behaviour and their attitudes that sabotage their own well-being, despite the notion that sometimes they have that their behaviour is not contributing positively to the achievement of their desires, they will find themselves unable to stop harming themselves and/or their loved ones.

As Deepak Chopra, a great spiritual master and prolific author of several books, states in the book The Wisdom of the Magician:

Magi never condemn desire for it is because they followed their desires that they became magi.

Every desire is generated by a past desire. The chain of desire is infinite; it is, in truth, life itself.

Life is made up of desires from the time our ego is born and develops until we “die”. Desire. One after the other is satisfied in the voracious need for spiritual evolution covered up by external needs. When we satisfy one, the process of psychoadaptation takes place, that is, the impermanence of the feeling of satisfaction of the desire after its realization. Another desire arises to replace the previous one in a completely natural and involuntary way, independent of our conscious will.

Sometimes desires are “planted” by the outside (society’s ideas, advertising, cultural currents, etc.), sometimes by the inside (the person’s spirit). Aura Reading allows distinguishing those that are really important (inspired by the spirit of the person) from those more superfluous that have nothing to do with the essence of the person.

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