When to do an Aura Reading

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An aura reading can be done when:

  • the person feels unmotivated to do something in particular, to follow a certain path in life with joy and enthusiasm
  • has not yet discovered his true purpose in life
  • feels that he or she has a particular talent for something but is following a completely different path or one that the person considers to be more socially acceptable or safer
  • feels that she is not in the right job, the one that fulfills her, that makes her really satisfied and that fulfils her and, instead, she is in a job that guarantees her more security (usually in financial terms) or is more socially acceptable (for example, an administrative person who wants to be a DJ at the age of 45 or who wants to dedicate herself to tattooing)
  • you are going through a period of confusion in which you either have several paths and each one takes away something you feel you need, or you feel there is no possible path anywhere
  • one or several fears are preventing the person from expressing him/herself, from projecting his/her true personality to the outside when in the presence of external factors (e.g., fear of other people’s judgment) or internal factors (e.g., social conditioning in childhood or adolescence)
  • cannot carry out their wishes and desires due to an internal conditioning which makes the person stagnate in life
  • the person feels lost among the various roles they play throughout the day (role of son, father, mother, employee, sportsman, spiritual, partner, boss) and quite distant from their essence

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