Archturian Multidimensional Cure

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Come and experience this 12th dimension healing technology by our beloved Archturian brothers!

As the collective consciousness of the human being evolves, new therapies of higher dimensions are being made available to Earth to accelerate the process of ascension that is underway helping both in our evolution and in that of the planet since the individual evolution of each human being is deeply linked to the spiritual evolution of humanity as a whole. Thus, the Archturian Multidimensional Healing System brings to reality not only the individual healing of the client but also helps in the healing of the planet.

The understanding that we are not alone in this universe facilitated the fall of ancient limiting and dated paradigms, allowing many human beings to begin to accept their stellar origin and, therefore, help and communication with their families of origin.

Andromeda, Arcturus, Orion, Pleiades, Sirius, Vega, Venus.. are some of the places where there are advanced civilizations that maintain direct communication with the planet Earth, facilitating tools that help us awaken from duality and ascend more easily as is the case of multidimensional arcturiana healing.

The Arcturians, are a civilization very evolved spiritually that once they ascended as a group, understood that the best choice to continue evolving is actively helping in the spiritual evolutionary process of the different peoples of the Milky Way. This is what they have been doing since eons and planet Earth has also benefited from this help, making it possible for certain individuals to remember who they are and what they are here for.

The service of the Arcturians is not limited exclusively to the inhabitants of the planet, they commit themselves to the evolution of the planet itself, in this case Gaia and its mission is to help the process of ascension to the 5th dimension of Gaia and everything that exists on the planet.

The Arcturians are masters of Light and Divine Energy, share their knowledge and highly advanced technology as it is appropriate for the individual and society. One of its specialties is in the use of the Crystalline Energy frequency.

They have advanced healing technologies that act in a transversal and holistic way on all multidimensional manifestations and in all lives that have been part of our journey, opening doors to the evolution of being, teaching each person to know his inner God.

The Multidimensional Arcturian Healing was channeled by Clarindo Melchizedek and allows the Human Being to open channels of pure and healing energy by reconnecting to his Higher I.

During treatment, the codes act at the level of the soul and extra-physical bodies going to the karmic and causal root and harmonizing the vibrations that will integrate and reflect on the current life.

Although simple to apply, the system is very complex in its energy configuration because it channels 12-dimensional energy

The codes supply and feed the close connection between unconscious and conscious signaling the path to be traveled, are as a fundamental clue to reach the core of inner healing. They function as a key to the interpretation of a blockage and a stimulus for the psyche to organize itself again.

The Arcturian Healing System is covered in the Law of the One and in the interconnection of all dimensions of “reality with God and the potentialities are limitless as for example:

-Cleaning and energy balance

-Karmic cleansing and healing

-Rebalancing of male and female energies

-Rescue and healing of the child inteior

-Cleansing and healing of past lives

-Recision and cuts of energy links that do not serve the evolutionary purpose

-Rescue of personal power

-Reconnection with the Higher I and all the work that each Being needs at the time of therapy, because as multidimensional structures of wide aspect, the codes fit perfectly to what is worked.

Allow yourself to experience the loving and sincere help of the Arcturians.

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