Multidimensional Therapy Course

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The Multidimensional Therapy Course consists of a two-day workshop promoted by holistic therapist Paulo Nogueira and is intended to train multidimensional therapy facilitators. The Multidimensional Therapy Course is an opportunity for all those who feel it to begin a new cycle in their spiritual evolution by increasingly following the Planetary Ascension. It is a growing awareness that manifests itself during the Multidimensional Therapy workshop that allows its participants new choices to incorporate and manifest their divine attributes. It is an accept to receive more intuition (during the course students receive an initiation to activate all chakras) learning to follow more and more the innate wisdom of the heart, a fundamental instrument of Multidimensional Therapy that allows the healing of the Soul. Light, Love and Consciousness start to manifest itself more intensely and frequently in the lives of the participants of this workshop if they allow it, always respecting the Law of Free Will.

Or Multidimensional Therapy workshop invites everyone to experience a profound healing in multiple dimensions of their Being operated by the Beings of Light that will activate the necessary frequencies and provide the initiations so that participants can begin to move with greater fluidity and ease through their lives, towards individual and collective Ascension.

It is two days of intense transformation and healing in the company of Master Jesus, Mother Mary, Archangels Michael, Raphael and Zadkiel, Mestre Saint Germain,the Lemurians, the Beings of Light of Sirius and Orion as well as many others who join Paulo Nogueira and the participants to promote an atmosphere of love and deep healing of all present. These great Beings will operate in the present profound transformations that will allow them to anchor a new higher energy frequency, placing the gifts ever closer to the Christ Consciousness and activating the frequencies of Service and Love in order to pave the way for the divine purpose of each one here on earth.

Becoming a multidimensional therapist is a true divine blessing that aligns the therapist with his soul and his supreme purpose causing his life to flow with greater harmony in an experience of sacred love, happy loving relationships and with greater fullness in the Age of Love.

Multidimensional Therapy Course

Multidimensional Therapy Course

The Multidimensional Therapy Course also aims at a deep cleansing in the lower energy bodies of participants causing old long-held thoughts, feelings and emotions to come to the surface to be freed. When this liberation takes place, they can see life and reality more fully and harmoniously than before, seeing with great clarity that comes from a huge purge of all that is not Love. New possibilities appear with the new vision, clarity and focus which makes the desires of each of those present manifest without blockages and delays, in a life with greater abundance and grace.

The gifts of each one are awakened and are ever closer to being able to be made available to others in an optical view of Service and Delivery, praising the divine expression and uniqueness of each soul. These gifts that have always been with the participants are awakened by removing from the mask of personal limitations that hid them from their bearers being lifted the veil in each one.

The Multidimensional Therapy Course brings the new paradigm of a life based on Love and openness to a perception that whatever happens in the life of each one has always been the best for their spiritual evolution. Each of the participants in the Multidimensional Therapy workshop he realizes that being a multidimensional therapist is an experience of gratitude and humility as they see the results that the teams of Beings of Light provoke in those who ask for help, becoming the therapist with time also he a beacon of light that will bring more Awareness, Love and Wisdom to the lives of everyone around him.

Multidimensional Therapy can be used to:

  • energy cleaning
  • healing and cleansing of karma
  • rescue and healing of the inner child
  • harmonization of female and male energy
  • termination of contracts and covenants that no longer serve the Supreme Good of the Soul
  • removal of extraphysical implants
  • rescue of personal power
  • reconnection with the Higher I
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