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The Multidimensional Therapy Workshop aims to train multidimensional therapists able to work with the stellar teams of Beings of Light of Orion, Sírius among others. The workshop is a unique opportunity to evolve into a light worker who is already at the service of his inner calling or one who is still awakening. In this workshop of Multidimensional Therapy are granted several initiations to the future multidimensional therapist so that he, acting in partnership with the Beings of Light, can contribute to solve an immense sort of problems of his clients.

Spirituality, in general, considers all people as equals and honors the Divinity of each and the path of his Soul. Although society is gradually changing and women are now awakening to their female potential as equal partners, they persist several times, some who still regard inequalities as something natural and normal.

In Multidimensional Therapy,it is considered that men and women are two aspects of God. Women represent the aspects of the Divine Mother and man the aspects of the Divine Father. When Multidimensional Therapy is used to harmonize a couple whose relationship is going through some difficulty, both members of the couple are led to the awareness of the need for honor and respect between them even when there are differences in desires and perspectives between them being always studied if what is causing this disharmony is the need for the partners to be right or wrong and lead them to understand that they do not have to love less because of it.

Multidimensional Therapy such as Aura Reading Therapy allows an increase in the level of consciousness. When a person increases their level of consciousness, they increasingly realize that they are the creator of their own life and gradually recognize so far, recognize their personal power to make decisions and to change, regardless, how much their apparent life is hostage to the will of others (companions, children, co-workers, other family members, etc).

Aura Reading Therapy causes a person to begin to take on greater responsibility in their life each time, until they achieve true mastery, rather than blaming the government, society or someone specific for something that happens to them.

With Multidimensional Therapy,the person gains through the expansion of his consciousness, new freedoms that, although before existed, the person did not allow himself to take them. The goal of Multidimensional Therapy accelerates the person towards Ascension by freeing him/her from his limitations step by step. In this way, the regular practice of Multidimensional therapy can lead the person to create a life filled with greater beauty, joy, ease, fluidity causing the person to look back and think that something that has so badly to have, after all, was at his reach since forever but in a different state of consciousness.

It is often said that knowledge is power. The statement is not entirely correct. Knowledge does not free the person if the person does not have the conscience to use it. Multidimensional Therapy it opens, more and more, the hearts so that the person breathes the true Freedom in a deeper way, healing his emotional wounds and eradicating from his mental bodies, old beliefs conveyed from the past, which no longer serve the will of expansion of the Soul, without limitations, so that all desires and dreams begin to manifest themselves as the reality of the person.

Evolution is infinite. The person goes to each session of Multidimensional Therapy learning to recognize himself as an immortal being whose origin is Love and will understand that everything he went through was necessary for his evolution and was part of a Greater Plan of his Soul.
External pains and sufferings are always the reflection of internal pains and fears. In this way, the person takes feedback from the outside that something goes wrong inside.

Much of what happens during Multidimensional Therapy, theperson does not get the conscious memory of the experience. However, it ends up later in the form of a deep lightness and well-being. In numerous incarnations, the person suffered from various limitations and traumas that nevertheless served his evolutionary path. Now is the time for multidimensional therapy, brought by beings of light to the planet, to free human beings from the burdens of their karmic experiences by giving them healing, wisdom and understanding so that they no longer repeat themselves.

Everything that reflects sadness, fears, sufferings and emotional traumas arises as a revelation of what needs to be healed and that is not in accordance with the constant harmony and ecstasy of being. Little by little, in each session of Multidimensional Therapy,the person checks which systems of wrong beliefs and distorted programming that brought past lives to reveal themselves under internal or external aspects (externalized by events and people with whom he interacts after therapy).
Generally, even physical problems have their roots in the emotional and mental bodies and can therefore also be presented in Multidimensional Therapy.

Thus, in the Multidimensional Therapy workshop, the therapist will be confronted with these dynamics and practical cases, always noting that the work is performed by the Beings of Light serving the therapist only as a guiding thread, to his experience and intuition, help the person to better assimilate what needs to be healed as well as, eventually, to provide him with new perspectives on an old problem.

In possession of this tool, the holistic therapist if he already possesses other holistic skills such as Tarot, Reiki, Reconnective Healing®,Vortex Healing® or Aura Reading Therapy will see your ability to help solve the most diverse types of problems greatly enriched, and this therapy can be used in conjunction with others although, by itself, it is already sufficient for a huge number of cases.

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