Multidimensional Therapy is an energy therapy that allows:

This powerful therapy is conducted by Beings of Light over the patient’s life situations. Its scope is all psychic and spiritual matters, working on different aspects of the being such as the Inner Child, the Shadow, etc. All the work is conducted by the Beings of Light always respecting the Law of Free Will, the merits of each being and their needs in terms of spiritual learning on the plane of matter, the therapist serving only as an intermediary channel between the patient and the Beings of Light.

Multidimensional Therapy is an extraordinary tool to help in the process of ascension to the fifth dimension and uses the heart as a multidimensional portal through which we can access all the dimensions that exist in the mind of God (if, of course, we have the necessary permissions from certain Beings of Light to reach them).

The way Multidimensional Therapy works, session after session, brings the patient closer to Oneness consciousness, equipping them with a new paradigm of reality focused on Neutral Love and leading them to a more fulfilled, prosperous and spiritually meaningful life.

It is therefore, and quite logically, also called Healing by the Heart.

Session duration: 1h15m
Exchange value: 35€

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