Multidimensional Therapy – The Body Rescue

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As multidimensional beings that we are, we have several parts of us living in various dimensions. Each dimension corresponds to a part of us that we call the body.
Multidimensional Therapy allows to rescue bodies that are sometimes blocked in the first, second and fourth dimensions.
From time to time, in situations such as a traumatic death, the spirit of the person is trapped, in the spiritual world, in a given dimension, to the thoughts and emotions he felt at the moment of death.

For instance:

  • An earthquake or a sudden tsunami (such as that of Indonesia in 2004 in which 200,000 people died) in which it was trapped and from which it did not have time to free. In these cases, sometimes the spirit attributes the responsibilities to God, is disgusted and vibrates in these emotions.
  • Lack of forgiveness to someone who killedhim.
  • A sudden death and strong emotions, such as death on a highway in which he was driving in the car at 250km/h and suddenly a curve that did not count, the crash of an airplane motivated by electrical failure in the control panel resulting from an electrical discharge
  • Suicide stemming from negative emotions that led him to despair

In Multidimensional Therapy,the teams of Beings of Light will find these bodies, rescue them, and perform the spiritual treatments that are necessary for them to be reinstated into our current physical body. When this body is reinstated, we become more whole, with the energies and abilities that were of the body that was trapped in another dimension in which we were also living.
It could be that our fourth-dimensional body that was trapped in the spirit world, in the fourth dimension, for example, for having suffered a traumatic death when it was hit by a stray bullet in a shootout, until it was a great singer.
With the reintegration of this body, our musical vein can begin to awaken suddenly and start a successful international career!

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