Multidimensional Therapy – the rescue of the soul

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Sometimes during a Multidimensional Therapy session situations arise in which the therapist realizes (or is informed by the Beings of Light) that the soul is not in the body of the person although it always remains connected to the physical body through a connection called the silver cord.

Symptoms of a person with the soul outside the body:

  • the person cannot easily manifest his projects
  • doesn’t sit on your own skin
  • feel like you’re not living your life
  • feels that life has no meaning


  • very strong emotional shock, for example, rape;
  • a grave betrayal;
  • a complicated divorce process and with many discussions mixed, especially when it involves children and debts in common;
  • serious road accident;
  • traumatic abortion;
  • war traumas;
  • violent assaults;
  • violent aggression;
  • victim of acts of terrorism;
  • practice of sorcery where, often, the person who practices it has no notion of what gives in return (in some cases the soul itself)
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