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Telekinesis consists of the ability to move objects at a distance with the mind. Given that for telekinesis it is necessary the action of the mind and given that all human beings have mind, then potentially we all have telekinesis. To develop telekinesis, deep concentration is needed (here the practice of meditation can help), then feel our own energy (practice until you can feel our energy field) and finally mentally create the image of an object and visualize its movement.
The most studied case of telekinesis ever is that of a Russian named Nina Kulagina who discovered her strange ability around the age of 33. Nina believed she had received the gift from her mother who said, when angry, she had a habit of moving objects spontaneously.

One of Nina’s most celebrated experiments took place in a leningrad laboratory on March 10, 1970. Curious to observe that Nina was in fact able to move inanimate objects, scientists raised the hypothesis that Nina might influence organic tissue. One of the scientists who accompanied an experiment in which Nina was able to disrupt the heart of a frog that had been surgically extracted and placed to beat inside a vial of solution was Sergeyev.

Sergeyev noted that Nina, extremely focused on the heart, managed to make him beat faster, then slower until, finally, with a little more effort, he was able to stop him.

In the late 1970s, Nina had a near-fatal heart attack which forced her to slow down her experiences. According to a medical report produced by Dr. Zverev, Nina suffered from pain in her arms and legs, motor discoordination and dizziness. Nina died in April 1990 of a heart attack, eventually provoked by the effort during all the years she practiced telekinesis.

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