Rescue of the inner child

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What is the inner child?

The inner child consists of an archetype that all human beings contain. Children have certain characteristics such as spontaneity and the ability to laugh and play.

However, when we have been through traumatic situations or suffering in childhood, the tendency is to clothe her inner child, taking attention away from her, ignoring her, in an attempt to protect ourselves. Since we can’t kill her because she’s a part of our psyche, we ignore her.

Given that it is really the source of our creativity, of our joy, of our enthusiasm for life, with the suppression of this part of our Self, we become as adults, sad, of blurry gaze, deprived of joy in the eye.

But the inner child continues to reside in us, to be part of who we are, to demand attention, affection and love. Until we give her the attention she asks, not allow her to externalize, manifest herself, reopen the closet where we put her in one day when she was hurt, so that we could move on to “adults”, we will continue in suffering, without her lightness, her relaxedness and without her creativity.

While we may achieve success in financial or professional terms (although much smaller in professions that require creativity), we continue to feel incomplete until that part is resolved. That child has important things to say to us. Let’s hear her, give her attention, warm her up, give her a hug.

What it contains – creativity, vivacity, ability to laugh, to play, to be in the present moment, happiness – is too important for us to continue to ignore it, to subtract attention from it every time the opportunity arises for it to manifest itself, so that we can continue forward with our lives.

It is another paradox in Spirituality but if we cannot love the child in us, we will not be able to be adults, truly mature. Without getting our inner child back, we can’t be adults.

Carl Jung says:

In every adult lurks a child – an eternal child, something that is always coming to be, that is never complete, and that calls for unceasing attention and education.

That’s the part of the human personality that wants to develop and become complete.

Multidimensional Therapy at the service of the inner child

From time to time, the inner child lies outside the patient’s body by some trauma suffered or because it has been kidnapped by spiritual beings. What The Light Beings teams do is find it and reintegrate it into the patient’s body.

As soon as she returns, the qualities inherent to her return, qualities that manifest the original vibrations of the soul.

To make your appointment you can use the form below or use one of our means of contact.

Multidimensional Therapy appointment

Mode: Face-to-face (in Lisbon) or at a distance
Session duration: 1 hour
Exchange value: 35€

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