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The discharge baths serve to cleanse the astral body and remove negative fluids (hatred, anger, irritation, nervousness, anxiety, etc).
Auras act as magnets that attract the energy of other people’s auras and places nearby. Some people more sensitive to energy may feel a little worn out and tired after having been in certain places (for example, shopping malls where people’s emotions of desire stay in the air, near storefronts when they see items they can’t buy and go into a little suffering among other situations). So those energies attach themselves to our aura by unbalancing it. When they stay there too long, they start to create diseases in the physical body (somatization). From time to time, it is necessary to clean our aura with a bath of discharge.

Preparation mode

Put 3 liters of water in a saucepan and boil the water. Then remove the pan from the heat and place the herbs. Wait 8 minutes and strain the herbs into a container. Return the herbs to nature, never put them in the trash. Take your normal hygiene bath and then pour the water from the herbal bath from the neck down.


For prosperity, opening of paths and destroyer of astral larvae (one of the purposes of Multidimensional Therapy also consists in the elimination of astral larvae) and is therefore used against obsession. It wards off the sadness.


Used to download and remove all negativity. Wear from the neck down.


It disaggregates negative fluids, destroys the astral larvae, destroys the energy accumulation resulting from the repetition of negative thoughts emitted by the person taking the bath as well as those emitted by the entities of the low astral. Clears the aura and temporarily pushes the obsessives away. The time when the person will feel free from the obsessives is dependent on the vibration of the thoughts it allows, thoughts that can attract the obsessives again. Therefore, if the person takes the rue bath, the obsessives will move away. However, if what attracted the obsessives in the first place were thoughts about anger against a hierarchical superior in professional terms, if the person allows them again, the obsessives will return Hence the importance of therapies such as Aura reading in which the person can be re-educated in the sense that when they become aware of something, the situation is clean and ceases to attract it to itself. Of course, if the person had a problem with the power coming, for example, from a past life, when becoming aware of this problem and the solution, it is solved. This can cause the obsessive to leave naturally because he no longer finds the “food” of the thoughts that the problem put at his disposal.

Losna (Absinthe)

Used in cleaning and unload baths. In bath, it is disaggregating negative fluids. Smoked, it wards off negative influences.


Facilitates communication with good spirits, disaggregates low-vibration thought forms, transmits good energies, eliminates tiredness and indisposition and fights sexual obsessions.


It balances our energies, brings peace and harmony and helps in cleaning and purifying the environment.


It works to open paths, recover energy and cheer up. When used in conjunction with rosemary, it brings customers and attracts money.

With me no one can

Used for defense.

Sword of St. George

Used for protection.

Star anise

Used to call money, improve self-esteem and open the love paths. Also used to enhance good friendships, peace and triumph when used in smoked form in conjunction with other ingredients.

Eucalyptus Leaves

Used to cleanenergy that a medium is attracting and to fortify the spirit.

7 peppers bath

Using to remove hot energies. It’s a hot bath in terms of aggression.

Herbs for prosperity

Cinnamon, hose (sword sleeve), clove, fennel, makes way, chamomile, star anise and laurel.

Herbs for psychic development

Caboclo vine, fern (also called fetus), white roses, guinea
CELERY: Psychic powers

MUSK: Aphrodisiac, love.
ANGELICA: Protection, purification, health, clairvoyance.
STAR ANISE: Divination, purification, luck, love. Increases self-esteem

In ritualistic use it has specific functions in the treatment of coronal chakra, intuition and mediumship.

Its use of baths and smoking gives the human astral organism the ability to balance, awareness and light decisions that need rapid intuition.

Excellent for broadening psychic vision, intuition, magnetism, perception.

ARNICA: Clairvoyance. It wards off negativity.
BARBATIMÃO: Spirituality, purification.
BELLADONNA: Cleaning environments.
CAMPHOR: Psychic development, clairvoyance, health.
CARDAMOM: Seduction, love.
CIPÓ CABOCLO: Eliminates all astral larvae from the environment.
FIG TREE: Clairvoyance, fertility
GUINEA: It acts as a powerful magic shield.
BAY LEAF: It paves the way, calls money, prosperity and gives energy to the environment. Business, divination, protection, strength, health.
HONEYSUCKLE: It develops intuition and creativity, also favors prosperity.
NUTMEG: Divination, fertility.
PATCHOULI: It heals apathy and stimulates love. Lessens confusion and indecision. Sharpen the intelligence. Clairvoyance.
WHITE ROSE: Peace and harmony.
SANDALWOOD: Love, divination, purification.


Orixá: Oxossis
Rating: Morna
Function: cleaner, expander, brings direction and energization


This herb in men sharpens mediumship and sensitivity. It balances and improves spiritual perception. It has an atractor and magnetizer power. It helps in self-knowledge and helps to become aware of the illusions that the human being entertains as if they were needs. It ends, therefore, with illusions bringing the truth to the fore.

Orixás: Oxossi, Oxum, Oxumare

Oxalá Carpet (Billet)

Orixá: Hopefully
The billet is a powerful magnetizing herb that strengthens the crown chakra that animates the spirit and brings faith in psychic works

White Rose

Function: Illuminator, Light Cleaner, Spiritualizer
Orixás: Oxum, Oxalá, Yemanjá, Logunã (all others)

Also known for its calming capacity of the spirit, it is associated with the development of psychic faculties, gently purifying the chakras, especially the crown chakra, the third vision chakra and the heart chakra, illuminating them and carrying them with healthy energies, thus providing an excellent connection with the spiritual plane.

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