Practical Effects of Aura Reading

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Aura Reading Therapy, as itsname implies, is a therapy (from greek therapeia meaning “to serve God”). As energy therapy it is, Aura Reading aims to heal a person’s life.

This therapy is especially indicated for the healing of repetitive patterns such as:

  • a succession of love relationships that always end after less than a year (for example, a woman who sees, for 3 or more consecutive times, all her relationships end after a year)
  • a succession of jobs without achieving stability

Esoteric sciences such as Tarot, Hand Reading or Astrology allow us to obtain a valuable set of information about ourselves and are considered good tools of self-knowledge. With this information we can make better decisions. The Aura Reading in terms of the information obtained works in a similar way, that is, the person begins to understand the reason for a natural enmity and apparently without reason with a given person, an irresistible and indomible attraction by another, his current moment of life, the reasons that preside over the challenges facing the present in all areas of his life, the reason for their behavior, the origin of their personality and social conditioning.

It is a fact that a person’s personality arises, to a large extent, as a result of the social, economic, cultural and family conditioning to which the person is subjected. In this, psychology as an area of knowledge and human science came to good conclusions. However, the reasons that are at the origin of the decision of a spirit to embody in this conditioning to educate and work a certain value that needs to be learned transcend this area of knowledge. That’s where Aura Reading Therapy comes in.

However, the similarity, as a tool of self-knowledge, of the usefulness of this therapy with Tarot, Astrology or Hand Reading ends here. Aura Reading goes much further in practical terms. In addition to leaving in the hands of the person an extraordinary set of information, it cures all situations and problems that were selected by the spirit to be presented by the therapist during reading.

Therefore, it is safe to postulate that 20 percent of this therapy (diagnostic phase comprising about an hour and a half to two hours) is information about the form of images and messages. The other 80 percent are the cure and happen in the weeks following reading, mainly during the first 7 days after it.

As the information is presented, it is automatically cleaned (integrated into the person) by the therapist. What happens in practical terms after reading is that the spirit of the person will come to attract the situations that need to solve and become aware as well as to attract people with whom he has outstanding matters of this life or past lives but at a very fast pace.

Aura Reading acts as a very powerful catalyst for situations that one did not have the courage to face and that could drag on for years and years, who knows, their whole lives.

It should be noted that this therapy always takes into account the supreme good of the person’s soul and that it will always respect his free will. With the awareness not only changes the external life of the person (external events change) but also can operate an internal change (the person begins to react differently to the same external events).

Some cases:

  • the person was “trapped” in a loving relationship, which was not contributing to his spiritual progress, with a person with whom he was no longer happy; the way aura reading acts is to present situations that will expose this relationship to the truth of the feelings of each of the actors, which may culminate in a rupture if this relationship is not in accordance with the supreme good of both.
  • the person was “trapped” in a job he did not like; what aura reading does is present new professional opportunities with which the person feels more in truth with himself. It can be the case of seeing a political acquaintance suddenly go fishing because, as a child, this has always been a dream of his to work with the sea and, often, for the parents who wanted “the best for the child” or what they thought was best for their child, pressured him as a teenager to pursue the study of political science rather than give him the freedom a spirit needs to follow his path and contribute to a happy life (as well as others).
  • the person was involved with a group whose values had changed or with which they no longer identified; reading causes situations in which the values of the person and group come to the top. When this happens, there are no more than three choices left: either the person leaves the group, or accepts the values of the group and the group accepts its values or the group simply disintegrates.

Aura reading from a distance

It is indifferent that the Aura Reading session is inpersonor or at a distance because reading is for the spirit, not for the body of the person.
The spirit is not found in the physical dimension (3rd dimension), that is, it does not obey the laws of time and space.

In the same way that one can send Reiki at a distance, Dr. Eric Pearl’s Reconnective Healing at a distance, Multidimensional Distance Therapy, Magnified Healing® at a distance this is another of the energetic therapies that can be carried out from a distance.

When we want to pray for someone, incarnated or disincarnated, do we need the physical presence of the person with us to attend the prayer we are doing for himself? No. Otherwise, we could not pray for our deceased loved ones because we needed their physical presence.

This is a therapy oriented to the spirit of the person, not to the body. Therefore, it is indifferent to the technology that is used whether it is a telephone, video conferencing via Skype, GTalk or Facebook since it is only used, of course, not for spiritual purposes since in this dimension has no use, but for the person in the comfort of his home to be able to hear the messages that his spirit in the therapy room is transmitting to the therapist, which, in turn, you are transmitting to the person who is remotely listening or watching the session.

The difference from face-to-face mode to remote mode is that the spirit of the person to be read is invoked by the therapist moments before the beginning of reading. When it is face-to-face, this part is not necessary. The messages and images are the same and, most importantly, the effects are felt to it (cleansing of chakras, energy patterns, etc.).

There are other therapies that require the presence of the person such as Past Life Therapy because in this one has to put the person in a trance state as well as in Psychic Surgery.
An Astrology consultation only requires the date and time of birth.
Some mediums can get information about a person and their state only from a photograph.
Others, nor do they need it, just the intention to connect with the spirit of the person and, of course, have to have that ability.

Spiritual cleansing at a distance works the same way. Either one invokes the spirit of the person and the cleansing is carried out or the spirit is not invoked but in return you send Beings of Light to go to the person wherever they are to perform the work…

In order to elucidate it about the convenience of making an aura reading, we recommend reading the following article: recipients of Aura Reading.

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