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One of the many solutions that Multidimensional Therapy offers with the help of Beings of Light concerns the healing of a person’s love life.

Given that love life is the main source of happiness and well-being for the person when “things go well” it can also be exactly the cause of a deep sadness and sense of weak value as a loving companion of someone, a sense that is evidently false given that every human being has an inestimable value.

To note that all the work of the Beings of Light, carried out in various dimensions, is always done according to the will of God and for the supreme good of the souls of all involved.

Multidimensional Therapy at the service of healing existing love relationships

The causes of an unsatisfactory love life sometimes radiate in situations such as:

  • companion lives with a partner for 10, 15 or 20 years having been happy with him/her (loved and felt love) only during the first 2 years of relationship. However, you feel unable to end the relationship out of his/her piety, gratitude to him/her for all that he/she has brought him (money, emotional stability, material comfort or children) or fear of loneliness;
  • after the birth of the first and remaining children of the relationship, the companion is disinterested in the companion often telling him that “she no longer gives attention to him” and feels, in some cases, however difficult to admit, a certain envy of the attention given to the children;
  • companion abandons the companion despite the fact that he considers himself “exemplary” (good financial provider, worker, extreme father, devoted husband who remembers, from time to time, to create a romantic program for two in order to invest in the relationship, cooperates in domestic chores, gives her freedom to go out with friends and have fun alone, etc.);
  • constant suspicion that the partner has a double life (another family), a suspicion that is often denied by the partner;
  • the person (single, separated, married or divorced) discovers that he/she is in love with someone (other than his/her own partner) for whom he/she feels an irresistible attraction, possibly arising from a life spent in communion that the spirit decides to resume to resolve karmic issues but cannot experience at the moment this relationship since the person through whom he nourishes this feeling is already in a relationship. Sometimes, the person feels guilty as he does not intend to interfere with the loving relationship of his/her loved one or cause him/her any affective disorder. At other times, the person feels that the partner of that person no longer truly loves him or her, intending to maintain the relationship out of financial interest or, simply, by habituation;
  • companion loses the attraction for the companion tending to devote more time to work and justifying the distancing, often noted by the companion, as being necessary more money to buy more things or make a trip for two or take the whole family;
  • partner does not feel sexual satisfaction with the partner, a situation resulting from, in many cases, simply not loving him;
  • partner considers that the partner was disinterested in him/her after a year of relationship, neglected the relationship, began to prefer the company of friends or “took it for granted”;
  • partner does not understand, from a certain moment, a more or less rapid change in the behavior of the partner;
  • partner decided to marry too early (under 26 years old) to escape a troubled family life at the parents’ home;
  • partner decides, for financial or professional reasons, to change city or country, leaving behind the companion if she does not want to support this decision and continue to demonstrate that the love you feel for him/her is more important than everything else;
  • companion noticed that companion was left with psychological trauma after intense military training, participation in certain spiritual rites or a car accident and is “different”;
  • partner made (or ordered to make) a mooring to arrest the companion;

Multidimensional Therapy at the service of creating new love relationships

Multidimensional Therapy is not limited to healing the wounds of the relationship that already exists. Multidimensional Therapy has also been used to create a new relationship. However, from time to time, there are impediments of the most varied orders, which this therapy can help unlock. The Multidimensional Therapy Consultation it is used to heal and not so much to diagnose and is therefore best suited for people who want to see positive changes in their love life rather than going down a 7- or 8-year path of psychoanalysis with hundreds or thousands of sheets written about the life of the person in which, in practice, little result has besides, as often happens, the client has become a personal friend of the psychotherapy professional, after a few hundred hours spent in his company.

Some of the causes that hide behind the lack of a loving relationship although, in some cases, the patient says superficially to be satisfied with his current situation (a deeper reading and analysis of the person’s energy allows us to see that the patient is in resistance mode and with an ego that wants to remain in his comfort zone):

  • low self-esteem (did not receive enough love in childhood by one parent or both, suicide of one of the parents, one parent opted for the energy of criticism of all that did not approve of the son or daughter)
  • sexual abuse (in physical and/or psychological terms) by family members (father, grandfather, uncle, brother, stepfather, etc.), known to one of the parents, classmates, high school, secondary, college, etc.;
  • strong desire for approval by a parent, more often, of the father;
  • school and/or professional bullying;
  • not trusting the opposite sex because the father has betrayed the mother, generalizing male behavior from this event and starting to expect this behavior on the part of men, which prevents the woman from starting a lasting loving relationship with someone for fear of suffering;
  • the woman or man does not initiate a loving relationship by attributing too much importance to a physical defect arising from a genetic cause or an accident; Often, this woman or this man, they say they want to find someone who accepts them for themselves even though they do not do it to themselves; As the exterior is a perfect mirror of the interior, it goes without saying that they will not achieve it, in the medium or long term, as long as the interior of them does not change.
  • fear of showing feelings and feeling vulnerable afterwards;
  • conditioning to hide their feelings and love/sexual needs and to see them as frailties;
  • one does not think a human being worthy and worthy of receiving love;
  • the father or mother used too much physical violence to “educate” the child, which causes the child to seek a partner with characteristics similar to their parent of the opposite sex, given the conditioning of the ego to associate love with violence;
  • one or both parents were “absent” although physically present, several times due to their parents (grandparents), they were also quite absent in the education of their children (future parents) or, on the contrary, present but from a negative point of view (physical/psychological aggression as a way of educating);
  • abandonment by one or both parents;
  • trauma of abandonment in early childhood, resulting not from a real situation of abandonment, but from simply the father or mother having been away for a few minutes, hours or days, without having conveniently explained to the daughter that she would return to the search; this kind of trauma can occur simply when the mother or father are shopping in a big supermarket and leave their 4-year-old son alone in a supermarket aisle (dairy, for example) to quickly go to the frozen area and when they return the 4-year-old is crying as if he were an abandoned baby… Such an event, given that the child’s mind is not yet properly configured to understand, can create a belief in her subconscious (“my mother abandoned me in a supermarket aisle when I was 4 years old, I tried to reach her but her legs were bigger and she ran away from me faster so I wouldn’t catch her… She probably abandoned me because she doesn’t like me. If she, my own mother, doesn’t like me, it’s because I’m not a love-worthy being.”)
  • having already heard as a spirit incarnated in the future to be born (intrauterine life) that was not desired, that it would bring many complications at the financial and social level to parents, who wanted a girl instead of a boy or the opposite, etc.;
  • the person easily socializes with others but when the issues touch the loving area, the person tends to retract in a situation of a possible involvement with someone (often, it retracts when a potential suitor crosses the line from social to loving).

Spiritual causes of love locks

Sometimes, the blocks that prevent the person from being happy in this area so important to the human being have spiritual causes, which, unfortunately, due to ignorance or prejudice of the psychotherapists or patients themselves, are placed as the last to be analyzed due to the scepticism that rages in Western society, boasting of its technological and scientific development but extremely immature and unpredictable in what spirituality concerns.

Sometimes it becomes necessary that the ego suffers for about 10 consecutive years or more in the loving area, has tried all existing psychology methods using including techniques such as the statements of the defenders of positive thinking, hypnosis and self-hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), TLT (Time Line Therapy), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Fast EFT (Emotional Fast Freedom Technique), Sedona method after the more traditional techniques have failed (approximation via social circle, change of attitude, demonstration of personal, social, financial value among others) until a spiritual solution is finally considered and pride, prejudice, scepticism, disbelief and fear (which, at least, is indicative that the person believes in something else) are finally put aside and the person can heal.

However, when the person finally shows himself open enough to explore the spirituality of his life, suffering will have already contributed to something extremely positive – the openness of the person. Even if that person shows up for a Multidimensional Therapy session at the age of 89 and, she herself, considers that it is too late, that session will have been worth it and, it, will have already contributed to the elevation of her spirit, which, when she returns in the next reincarnation to the physical plane, will already be more mature and certainly with a more open tendency to Spirituality and should not take as long to solve his problems as it took in the incarnation or previous incarnations.

Some of the spiritual causes may be:

  • karmic rescue (details may appear in an Aura Reading Therapy session)– the person is fulfilling a teaching that the soul intends to acquire; For example, the person may have made someone else never happy in love in a past life. You may have forced yourself, by ego, not to work love for a lifetime and, in today’s life, you find yourself in an identical situation (consequences are repeated in today’s life but the cause is in a past life) but whose cause no longer remembers consciously since it was a conscious choice of yours from the past;
  • presence of obsessives in the person’s energetic field;
  • vows of fidelity to a companion who has since passed away but nevertheless remain perennial;
  • vows of chastity (very frequent in people who, in past lives, belonged to religious orders that imposed them);
  • magic performed by someone against the person;
  • love paths cut off;

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