Healing of loving locks

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Multidimensional Therapy can be used to effectively heal loving-level blockages that are preventing a person from experiencing a true, harmonious and satisfying relationship whether they find themselves in a precarious situation in loving terms (such as in a colorful friendship) or not even in any relationship (dating or marriage) that implies love, respect, exclusivity, trust and fidelity.

Colorful friendships

Colorful friendships are an increasingly common type of relationship these days. A colorful friendship consists of a type of relationship in which two people who do not love each other enough to be in a loving relationship (dating or marriage) meet the needs of affection, affection, companionship and sexual needs of the other. It is characterized by being a type of relationship situated between love and friendship and happens more frequently from the age of 35 increasing its prevalence with age.

They are a more frequent and socially accepted kind of more liberal relationship. It occurs more commonly with separated or divorced people with children although it can also occur with singles of a younger age or widowers. The causes that are in choosing this type of relationship are diverse:

  • fear of loneliness (use your partner to keep you company)
  • social pressure (friends and co-workers) and family (parents and siblings) to be in a relationship even if you are not in love with your partner
  • supply of sexual need
  • emotional or emotional deficiency
  • fear of intimacy (although you are not always afraid of sexual intimacy when showing your body to the other, you are afraid to show something much more internal and protected – your feelings, your fears, your frailties and insecurity, your blockages, the feeling of “internal emptiness in the chest” or “a hole in the heart”)

Not all colorful friendship relationships are perceived in the same way by both companions. Sometimes, the person simulates for the partner who loves him as if he is in a traditional loving relationship (dating or marriage) coming to mask the truth before himself, trying to self-persuade himself, not to feel guilty or feel that he is deceiving the other who feels that he loves him but that the person himself cannot match the feeling sent. This behavior, repressive of the truth of the person, leads to several problems coming to somatize themselves in the form of diseases.

The degrees of truth in such a relationship vary widely:

  1. Both partners know, accept and declare to the other that they do not truly love each other, that they are not in love with each other, but agree to satisfy each other’s emotional, affective, social, family and sexual needs before society as if of a traditional relationship (dating, marriage) were treated as a way to evolve together and learn more from each other, within a relationship, of what they would learn on their own throughout their lives
  2. One of the companions loves the other but the other cannot match the feeling. In that case, you can both agree to be together in a colorful friendship. The problem arises when the companion who does not love, unable to assume the truth, tries to simulate love before the other. This attitude of lack of truth in his life weakens him before himself, before his conscience, lowering his self-esteem and condemning him to wander into a meaningless loving relationship.

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