Reiki – ancient art of healing

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Reiki does not come from the therapist but from the Universe who uses the therapist as the conduit of this energy. Therefore, the therapist is not responsible for the cure. When the healing of a given condition does not operate, there may be reasons whose understanding is not immediately available. For example, in some cases, the patient has to go through certain experiences for karmic reasons. The person receiving the treatment can also consciously or unconsciously reject Reiki. Since Reiki is in accordance with divine laws, it will automatically respect the person’s free will. Sometimes the person really wants the cure of a given condition but if he refuses to an unconscious level, the energy does not enter. In this case, one or more psychotherapy sessions must be held to understand why the person is rejecting his own cure. This situation is more frequent than you think. No one more therapies a person experiences, if they continue to unconsciously refuse healing, the only thing to do is to use psychotherapy (may include hypnotherapy) to get to the point.
Some of the reasons that make the person refuse their own healing on an unconscious level:

  • One wishes others to feel compassion for oneself for their condition, although they often have great objections to admitting it;
  • The spirit of the person needs him to feel compassion for those who suffer as the person himself has made others suffer in past lives because of the unconsciousness of the suffering of others;

Reiki is an energy that can only be used for the supreme good of all involved in the healing process. It is simply not possible to do any harm whatever the condition of the person.
Reiki can be used and is suitable for anyone of their age and can be used in baby, children and the elderly. For people with physical or emotional problems, Reiki heals. In healthy people, Reiki relaxes, gives her optimism and makes her more loving, tolerant and kind to others. Even when used in the dying, Reiki relieves the process of disemour and provides comfort and peace.

Reiki at the service of cancer patients

Attenuates the symptoms of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in cancer patients of particular importance, in these cases, that there are health professionals initiated in Reiki and family members accompanying these patients;

Reiki at the service of postoperative recovery

Accelerates the recovery process in patients who have undergone surgery, either before to calm the person or then to reduce pain;

Duration: 1 hour (may extend if necessary)
Exchange value: 20€ (or 15€ if you have already made an Aura Reading Therapy or Multidimensional Therapy consultation with us)

Reiki session marking

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