Low self-esteem healing

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Multidimensional Therapy actively participates in the cure of low self-esteem syndrome and it is considered a very effective therapy in solving this type of problems since in the session is performed the harmonization and complete cleansing of our emotional body and mental body in which is located the root of negative thoughts and emotions that constitute the misrepresented self-image that the person has of himself when suffering from this problem.

Some of the symptoms include:

  • feeling of inadequacy to the world, to people and to reality itself;
  • insecurity and inability to assert their rights to others;
  • recurrent confusion between doing one thing and doing another (evidenced even in the simplest tasks such as turning left at an intersection or right);
  • constant need to please others;
  • exacerbated perfectionism that is often justified by the person as being a characteristic of the desire for personal evolution but which hides the constant dissatisfaction with the results obtained even if they are considered excellent; While a person with high self-esteem, may have genuinely the desire for personal and professional evolution, accepts the results, even if considered unsatisfactory, at the present time, and sees himself capable of doing better because he thinks he is competent, the person with reduced self-esteem, never accepts the results, even if considered excellent, chooses feelings of inferiority punishing himself for what he does not yet have instead of congratulating himself for what he has already agreed;

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