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Aura Reading is not used to diagnose diseases. In this case, you should consult a doctor or other health professional, duly qualified. Therefore, it is likely that even if you have a serious disease such as cancer or another of similar severity, this is not even mentioned in the reading.

Aura reading consists of a spiritual therapy of self-knowledge, karmic cleansing and chakra alignment. Although it is a spiritual therapy, it is not vidence. For vidence consultations, you should consult a psychic medium. Therefore, it does not serve to identify cases of spells or presence of obsessives.

Aura reading is not used to diagnose or treat spiritual or medical urgencies but to self-knowledge and long-term spiritual evolution. Thus, the recipient should not look for Aura Reading as something that will solve, in a matter of days or weeks, a particular specific problem. Thus, when scheduling your session, you should not have expectations regarding the urgent solution of any specific problem.

Aura Reading should not be used as a tool to make short-term decisions in your life since the messages of the spirit of the advisor are long-term advice and recommendations that require from the advisor, usually changes in attitude and behaviors, beliefs and paradigms, in relation to how one perceives oneself, to others, to reality and to God.

To make short-term decisions in your life, there are several methods:

  • follow the heart – learn to listen to your heart through the practice of Meditation
  • Tarot – the Tarot should not be used for divinatory purpose but for counseling, that is, therapeutic Tarot and not divinatory Tarot. The Law of Free Will means that a particular future event does not necessarily have to occur in the person’s life as a certain event (in Laplace’s Law it would be p=1 being likely) but only likely (0 < p < 1 mathematically speaking). Tarot and other methods are excellent for ascertaining the occurrence of a certain probable future event but never 100% determined due to the existence of Free Will.

Aura Reading is intended for people who are interested in spiritual evolution, in deepening their self-knowledge of themselves, in seeking long-term solutions to their lives through changing attitudes, behaviors and paradigms by which they interpret reality and life.

The recipients of Aura Reading are people committed to their spiritual evolution who come to seek in this therapy, a tool that brings to the fore, karmic patterns that carries from other past lives, to be finally solved and may, result in some cases, not in all, in small emotional catharsis as well as accelerate events that the person had to experience but for which he had not yet had the courage to assume. Thus, Aura Reading, through the energetic work that is carried out by the entities that work in partnership with the therapist, triggers situations that will help to get out of your comfort zone and do what your heart has long asked for but did not have the courage to perform.

Before scheduling your Aura Reading Therapy session, you should read the following articles to have more information and identify if this will be the most appropriate therapy for your case:

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