Gifts and Potentialities

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When it comes to identifying the gifts and potential of the client, Aura Reading Therapy presents itself with a great healing potential.

Identify one’s gifts and potential – in this regard I should add that there are no gifts in the sense of a particular spirit being gifted by God, the Universe or any deity, with certain characteristics that only a select group of spirits will have. No. The gifts refer only to characteristics developed during the work done along the soul’s journey, either in terms of intellectual or moral progress. The gifts may be spiritual, technical, artistic or of another order, often in which the spirit has been involved for many incarnations or with great devotion in one. This explains the precocious talents of some children in various areas of knowledge, art, sport or of a more spiritual nature. It is generally said that the child in question reveals an extraordinary talent for music or mathematics and can learn with extraordinary speed the concepts of a certain area.

In reality, your spirit has dedicated one or more previous lives to perfecting itself in this area, and when it reincarnates, it does nothing more than access the intuition to obtain the knowledge it had previously acquired. However, several factors condition the access to intuition which leads to many people finding themselves “off the path”, not being in truth with themselves. One of the factors that most conditions the access to this innate faculty of the human being is the ego which in turn is subject to social conditioning by parents, friends and society in general and that often leads the person to an “existential abyss” where he has the distinct feeling that he is not using his full potential and does not feel fulfilled.

The person’s consciousness, at certain moments on their path, then begins to charge the attention that was not given to them through intuition. If the person is not open to the path of meditation, prayer, any spiritual practice or, even if he/she does not practice any of the above, if he/she is not open to do what he/she feels, that is, if he/she is a person closed to intuition, very much based on the ego and the external (others, the opinion of others, etc.), very mind-based, rational, focused on following a path whose lines have been determined for him, not necessarily forced but suggested through advice, opinions, criticism and praise from parents, friends, teachers and colleagues in a group over several years since childhood, will experience, sooner or later, an existential emptiness, a sense of incompleteness that may, in some cases, slip into depression or into addictions of various kinds in which the person will unconsciously seek satisfaction in the sense of deeper fulfillment of which he is deprived. Needless to say, you will never find her looking the wrong way. Addictions can be as diverse as alcohol, drugs, work addiction (in this one, in particular, the person unconsciously seeks in his current activity to be successful, to meet all deadlines, to be “the best”, to be the most efficient, the satisfaction that many times he will only achieve by leaving that same work and leaving in search of something that is what he came to become).

What Aura Reading Therapy promotes is the recognition of those activities for which the person is already spiritually licensed and which are really what will give them the sense of personal achievement, the sense of being on the right path. The person may even be over 65 years old or consider that they are at an age where change no longer makes sense and that the awareness that they should have undertaken over a lifetime no longer makes sense.

It is never too late to take the right path whose course was drawn on the map of potentialities by the spirit before reincarnating. As the great medium Chico Xavier said: “Although no one can go back and make a new beginning, anyone can start now and make a new end”.

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