Here is the opinion of those who have already contacted the space Paulo Nogueira Terapias that can help you find the guidance you need for your love life, professional and especially at a spiritual level. Paulo Nogueira Terapias acts as an antenna of transmission of vibrations of fifth dimension, sixth dimension and higher to help the entire planet, through the ascension of the individual consciousness of each one. There is the opinion that there are certain things that can only be felt and the Love vibrations of the higher dimensions is one of them. As much as we as human beings try to understand them intellectually, only through the heart can they be accessed.

In each Aura Reading, the messages radiate love, power and emotion that affect the person as a whole. The work of consciousness begins right there, at that very instant! It begins as an idea that materializes as the divine spark acquires more and more experience, incarnation after incarnation…

For you who are undecided about participating in one of the therapies and courses promoted in the Paulo Nogueira Terapias space, who are looking for other people’s opinions, who need an opinion from someone solid and credible, who inspires you with confidence, know that you can only feel the truth by diving deep into your heart, swimming in the waters of the source of your inner wisdom of your Higher Self. So, if you feel it, come and meet the space, the healing project that the Paulo Nogueira Terapias brand wants to present to you. Get in touch, try it out, form your own opinion based on your personal experience of a Multidimensional Therapy or Reconnective Healing session or a Multidimensional Therapy Course…

In time you will understand that which for you may seem too esoteric, too metaphorical, too abstract… Something you can only understand with your heart.
We thank you all for being the vehicle through which the Divine manifests, takes form, recognizes itself.

For everything in life, there is a time. Is it time for you to personally meet the mentors of this idea flourishing in the beautiful garden of Earth?

If you are already on the path of self-knowledge and consider yourself a seeker of truth, or if, on the contrary, you are still discovering this admirable new world of Spirituality, come and meet our project which will welcome you with open arms. However, you should be prepared to undertake inner changes in order to shift your paradigm to a new paradigm based on the ultimate nature of reality, against the backdrop, the discoveries made in Quantum Physics, since Max Planck, Niels Bohr and Schrödinger, in the last 100 years.

This project will allow you to get to know yourself from a higher perspective, from within. The challenge to your change sometimes will not be so much at the mental level as if you were studying partial differential equations but at the emotional level, having to let go of concepts imported from ideas of materialism (belief that everything is based on atom as in Newtonian and Cartesian Physics and not probability wave as in Quantum Mechanics). Sometimes , from a mental point of view, the lectures given by Paulo Nogueira are complex. However, when you have an open heart and intuition, they will seem to you obvious and fundamental truths of human existence.

Phrasal constructions with complex morphosyntax are not always necessary to get across solid, simple ideas.

Synchronicity is another aspect of this project where you will learn to interpret the cause of the events that happen in your life from a more holistic perspective and integrated with the All.