Multidimensional Therapy – Effects

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Multidimensional Therapy has several powerful effects on a person’s life.
One of the effects is to clean up situations of past lives that are causing panic attacks and anxiety in the current incarnation and that are usually derived from traumatic situations that the patient has experienced and that brings to this life in the form of cellular memories.

Multidimensional Therapy allows to clear recent or old angers in relation to some people who are part of the patient’s current life, namely parents, companions, bosses, subordinates among others operating the Beings of Light a cleansing of the patient’s emotional body. Some wounds can be triggered at certain times in the person’s life either because there has been a loss of a relationship or loved one in this current life and that the person does not accept that coincides with the appearance of anger emotions or, may eventually stem from an event succeeded in a past life at the age that the person had when these angers began to manifest itself in this incarnation.

Karmic relationships

Multidimensional Therapy allows the dissolution of karmic bonds that trap the patient to painful situations of relationships with people who are not beneficial to him by releasing him through awareness, forgiveness and compassion. The Violet Flame acts strongly in this therapy to promote the transmutation of the acquired negativity of previous interactions in consciousness and love. They often act in this sense Master Saint Germain (choan of the 7th ray), Archangel Zadkiel (Archangel of the 7th ray) and Kwan Yin (goddess of Compassion).

Strengthening self-confidence

Multidimensional Therapy, also called Heart Healing, it also allows to cleanse situations of anxiety, fears, insecurity, concerns about various aspects of the daily life of the patient in order to increase their self-confidence, their sense of humor, their optimism, cleaning up the expectations that the patient has in relation to himself (performance anxiety) in order to enter a state of flow more frequently in carrying out various professional and personal activities.

Usually, after a Multidimensional Therapy session, the patientreports feeling in the days after a state of peace that replaces a previous state of anguish and concern for the future. Sometimes the emotion of anguish tends to settle in the heart area causing the feeling of a tight heart, nervousness and difficulty breathing. Not infrequently, the patient feels a relief of these emotional and physical symptoms as well as an increase in his light quotient (degree of consciousness) in relation to the situation that tormented him and begins to think in a more confident and optimistic way about his future and with greater acceptance in relation to his past and present given that as said the great Brazilian medium Chico Xavier “No one can go back and make a fresh start. But anyone can start over and make a new end.”

The testimonies of Multidimensional Therapy attest to significant effects on stress reduction, increased self-esteem and development of a more positive posture in life as well as greater resilience to problems.

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