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by Celia de Jesus
Holistic Therapist, founder of the Space Tree Natura Therapies and creator of the AVA Connection

For several years my professional life has been linked to health. I have seen the beginning of the introduction into the market of medicines called for hyperactivity and attention deficit. We are talking about a period of time from 15 years ago until now when it became fashionable to take this type of medication, sometimes for the doctor’s ease, sometimes for the ease of parents, sometimes for lack of information from both parties.
Even today, in 2016, I see how little result this more traditional approach has had. Even today I deal with these same children I watched being medicated for the first time when their faces said “I don’t need this, I’m fine” and that today says “I don’t need anyone, and I do what I want”.
I’ve always been curious to talk to these kids and see what was really going on in their minds. The answers were almost always the same – “I don’t know why I am so; my parents scold me a lot; I don’t like school; I try to be better.” It broke my heart every time I sold this kind of product… I always thought it might be different, but the truth is, neither I nor the doctors nor the parents knew how to deal with these children.
All these years they have made these children uncontrold adolescents (because they had control of the medicine) and completely indifferent to what surrounds them (because the medicine makes them less reactive to everything, unable to deal with situations in a natural way). No ambitions, no goals and no rule, they reaper every day aimlessly.
Of course there are other children, today adults, who have the same personality and have not been medicated. But these had another course to take, such as educating parents, teaching parents to love, or simply receiving balanced attention, among many others. Every case is a case. We have to realize we’re souls. Souls these need to evolve and, for that, we must come to Earth to live experiences for that same evolution. Only when we “make mistakes” do we learn and evolve. And many of these experiences have to be lived with people now present, mostly parents.
Soon, all that is traumas of past lives, karmic connections, fears of abandonment, instability before society, mediumship (sometimes misunderstood) and countless situations come with these children. Of course, all this manifests itself until, at about 5 years. Then it becomes normal in the child, when it was much easier to have eliminated many of the situations at first with energy therapies and alternatives. We end up having our current adults for fear of not being accepted into society and countless blockages in terms of emotions and feelings.
Many of the signs of mediumship manifests itself early on with conversations with imaginary friends; conversations with loved ones who have died; very deep wisdom that is not proper to a child; speak other languages; guess countless things; recurring nightmares or fear of night; be constantly looking at nothing, when we adults is that we do not have the ability to see. These are some examples I have witnessed in a very close way.
All this can be accepted more easily for a child if it is understood first and then helped. It is not easy for these souls to get to the physical plane and not know how to deal with everything making the situation more difficult when parents unfortunately also do not know how to help. The case is that I now have the possibility to say that there is another possibility rather than medicating in a more severe way.
I, while in therapy, one day a friend asked me to do Reiki to her daughters, one jealous and one with low self-esteem. The first time I saw that it was anything but Reiki that I in conjunction with the Beings of Light who work with me were operating. The children improved immensely right after the first session. I noticed that I was receiving another way to treat children, without the need to keep them quiet (a factor that brings them great difficulty) and with very little consultation time (which makes them not saturated). From then on, new children began to emerge in which the same happened. Today this therapy is named AVA
Connection Kids, and
I am proud to give more of this opportunity to parents to be different.
Together with other alternatives such as homeopathy, yoga for children and meditation, the AVA Connection adds an added value to the children of the future, thus making children today become conscious adults and willing to live tomorrow. No one comes here to suffer, we all come to experience. So why not eliminate the greatest baggage of other eras and learn how to deal with what we actually brought to work?
It’s worth thinking about!


Therapist: Celia of Jesus
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