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This is a subject on which I had a special desire to write a few months ago but, for reasons of time, it was being delayed until finally the right month came to see it born – August. Everything has a certain time to be as it is and to happen as it happens. Every human being has mediumship. Some people have a lot of mediumship (we call them mediums), others have less. This is a faculty, to varying degrees, that every human being presents.

Mediumship is presented in different ways according to its type. Television series such as “Medium” starring Patricia Arquette who plays medium Allison DuBois, “Ghost Whisperer” (sic, “Between lives”) starring Jennifer Love Hewitt who plays the medium Melinda Gordon or horror films such as “The Eye” (American version of 2008) starring Jessica Alba who plays Sidney Wells habituous the common human being, an avid media consumer who is called to the married emotions of fear and curiosity, terror and mystery, to build an image, although not wrong, but reductive and simplistic, of the medium or what it is to be a medium.

The idea that “to be a medium is to see disembodied spirits (“dead”) and speak to them” is reductive and unfortunately hid for many people, including some with a high index of mediumship without their own awareness, all other more subtle mediumistic manifestations, not least, less worthy of consideration. That’s the danger of stereotypes. A stereotype of a group of people is generally more seductive than the serious and dedicated study that implies the knowledge of the characteristics common to the people who make up the group and who have tuned in by tuning experiences and knowledge.

One of the characteristics of the medium is his refined abstract intuition. Abstract intuition is a faculty that allows to obtain facts and knowledge without having had any previous contact or experience (in the current incarnation) with elements where they could have been learned. On the other hand, pragmatic intuition refers to the multiple experiences that the person has had in a given activity, over, for example, 40 or 50 years, in which he accesses mental resources (memory and similar but not identical cases) to obtain answers to problems without even having to go down a logical path to obtain them.

Incorporation mediumship

It is likely that the number of people with mediumship of incorporation is much higher than that which is known since the people themselves who have this capacity sometimes take 20, 30 or 40 years to realize until the moment arises when it is informed by someone close attentive or a medium and begins to accept this fact itself. Again, Hollywood fiction takes action in its role of making minds dream but at the same time distracting and misreporting them from the facts having accustomed us to horror films in which the person who embodies a disembodied spirit (usually a demon) manifests himself in a noisy way.

The level of capacity of this type of mediumship varies enormously from the most subtle incorporation in which rarely the person and those close to him realize that the spirit that is in that body is no longer the same as it was seconds ago to the cases where the difference is notorious and becomes a spiritual emergency in which the person has to be attended in a spiritist center or by someone with spiritual knowledge to indoctrinate the spirit and direct it to their respective plan, usually with the help of spiritual guides or mentors.

Mediumship in childhood

Children are more open to mediumship. It is common for parents, more often mothers, in particular, who are generally most attentive to children playing on the living room floor or in the bedroom, to notice, at times, some strange behaviors.

Some babies (with a high rate of mediumship) suddenly start to cry in the crib, for no apparent reason with bulging eyes, fixed in the apparent void before the confused and worried gaze of the parent who is sure that all their biological needs are met and that the baby is without disease or cause of physical pain. Sometimes adults more sensitive to energy feel a negative charge in the room air that they can’t explain. They may be negative energies as positive energies generally do not take hideous forms although it is important to remember that energies (spirits) can take on the fluoridic clothing that they enjoy. The energy has no form. Prayer and smoking with rue, rosemary and lavender can help alleviate these kinds of traumatic events for the baby in the face of the feeling of helplessness of the parent who tries everything to protect her offspring against something that not even, almost every time, except if she is psychic, can see.

With regard to the parent, the mixture of anger against the entity that appears uninvited, the mental confusion that is installed by the situation itself, the desperate feeling of impotence to defend its petiz with physical or material weapons that it itself does not know in the face of the crying distressing cry of the baby, often forces her to review all her concepts of life and death, matter and spirit. It is then that in view of the situation two categories are created: mothers who believe and, more than that, feel the energy and presence of the negative entity (or entities) and will seek spiritual help to understand the situation and relieve their torment and that of their shoot and the skeptical mothers, ignoring the spiritual dimension of the situation that is going on, decide to take their children to the doctor in the hope that a magic pill will resolve the situation. It is important to note that unless the mother is sure that it is a spiritual problem and how to solve it, she should also seek medical attention to investigate whether there is any physical cause that may be unknown. This is the most indicated and prudent. The problems of the human being must always be analyzed from a holistic perspective, that is, not only physical and not only spiritual. The two complement each other.

Time to wake up from the medium

Many people report their experiences of psychic awakening. Although not obligatory, some of these experiences occur more particularly at night, sometimes during an astral journey (also called astral projection or psychic unfolding) in which spiritual guides or mentors present themselves to the medium informing him of his condition and that it is time to “work time”, meaning the moment for the medium to assume the commitment he has established with God before reincarnating for another evolutionary stage here on Earth, begin to study and develop and, finally, put themselves at the service of those who suffer, relieving their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pains and indoctrinating them in order to remind them of their purpose, the reason for their suffering and nourishing them with Love, Wisdom and Humility and sometimes with their own energy, so that the brothers in Christ who seek them can continue their path. That’s the medium’s mission.

The medium is born medium but this does not mean that he does not have to go through a process of purification and preparation to put himself at the service of his brothers.

The guides that appear at a given moment in the medium’s life can be saints, angels, archangels, spiritual doctors (Dr. André Luíz, Dr. José Bonifácio, Dr. Sousa Martins, etc.), old blacks (Father John of Angola, Father Francis of Arwanda, Father Francisco das Matas, etc.), caboclos or even the divine and beloved master Jesus or the Virgin Mary. They can, as has been mentioned, appear in certain lucid dreams and astral projections as well as, in some cases and dependent on the degree of mediumship, materialize in singular episodes when the medium is alone in a meditative state, relaxed, in prayer or simply resting in his bed without thinking about anything. They may also not manifest themselves visually, in a state of dream or wakefulness of the medium, but only mentally. In this case, the medium hears a voice inside his head that feels coming from a different place from the usual familiar voice of his own ego.

It should be noted that there are mediums in all cultures and peoples. Thus it is common for Eastern mediums to have as spiritual guides or mentors, Eastern deities, for example, Buddhas and bodhisattvas, who may be less familiar to Westerners but who express the same kind of energy – Love, Compassion, Peace, Justice, Wisdom, etc.

Relationship of the medium with others at the professional level

Industrial relations are often the result of great suffering for some people, but more particularly for the medium. In the framework of his professional life when not yet reconciled with his spiritual duties (e.g., accountants, teachers, doctors, engineers, electricians, cooks, workers), given his keen intuition, the medium senses when co-workers try to harm him in some way, wanting to usurp his merits, his duties and his reputation. Their increased sensitivity to the energy of others in a hard-fought business context and profit-stricke ambition, unmeasured ambition on the part of hierarchical superiors who do not look at the means to achieve the objectives outlined and productivity bonuses, the insurdal greed of business leaders who in order to slaughter competition sacrifice their subordinates with extra working hours and psychological pressure, make the medium even more susceptible to stress.

The lack of affinities in the workplace (based on belief system and energy), varying according to the professional area (more mental – Engineering, more financial – Commercial, Banking and Insurance or more human – Psychology, Education and Health) impair social interaction with their coworkers, which is often the basis that sustains poor satisfaction with a work environment hostile to personal relationships and focused on profit and productivity in extremis.

The medium finds some peace in the professions that are in line with the act of treating and caring for others – doctors, nurses, psychologists, therapists, social workers, etc.

The medium’s family life

With regard to his family life, once again, the difficulties are to the experiences of the medium. When married and if the period of psychic awakening begins during the marriage relationship, the challenge of misunderstanding on the part of the spouse arises, at times, uninformed of the spiritual dimension and in others with a fierce hatred of everything that is attentive to his rationalist mind and based on comptian Positivism.

With the mediumistic opening, are also open, sometimes, other types of behavior on the part of the companion who, due to their irregularity, make suspect is just another trial that the medium will have to go through, exactly in a period where the medium most needed support, understanding and affection.

These episodes of misunderstanding occur more often when women are psychic than when it comes to men. In the first case, women tend to be the most frequent target of misunderstanding and even laughing on the part of the more rational and averse-minded companion to everything that cannot be scientifically proven and can only be felt.

Sometimes, the incomprehension on the part of the partner in relation to the new condition of the companion is in divorce or separation. A curious fact that sometimes happens is that from time to time the companion himself also has a certain level of mediumship, although it is not yet aflowering because the time has not come, and he himself sometimes, by irony of fate, to see this later.

In addition to the very family that the medium may create (partner and children), sometimes he is accustomed to the misunderstanding of the one to which he belongs (parents and brothers) who sometimes deny their spiritual attributes, sometimes do not understand them, sometimes they are ashamed of them, preferring to hide them, not to be judged by other family, friends and neighbors.

Premonitory dreams

Mediumship manifests itself several times in the ability to precognition through dreams, being a type of mediumship somewhat frequent. To the dismay of the possessors of this gift, they dream of events in the future that leave them alarmed by involving some of their acquaintances but without the ability to do something to prevent it because they do not have more information. Later, the events, pre-announced through recurring dreams or nightmares, follow each other and the pre-cognitive medium feels sometimes responsible given having known in advance of a negative event (a separation, death of a family member or acquaintance) and not having done anything to prevent it.

Similarly, from time to time, it happens that the spirit, when the physical body falls asleep, goes out to meet other spirits with whom it has not yet met physically in that incarnation to make evolutionary agreements (often an energetic agreement results in a simple message that one spirit needs to transmit to another the next day and that will change the life of it). When the person wakes up he may not remember anything, but when he is, on the physical level, with the person with whom he has never had contact in the current incarnation, he/she will have a strong feeling of knowing him, and at that moment the other person will be able to pass on to him, in the course of a conversation of circumstance, a message that will resonate in himself and that can change his life.

These agreements are called energy agreements and may arise in an Aura Reading. Premonitory dreams don’t always have negative content. Sometimes they are quite positive, in particular, some mediums dream of their future partner, which gives them, on the other hand, when the first meeting on the physical level (third dimension), a great joy when they know, without a doubt, that person was destined to him, even if the person concerned reacts sometimes with scepticism, disbelief, surprise, doubt, admiration or a facial expression, variant between presumption, considerate interest and the mood of “what you want, I know…”.

Exaggerated lasciviousity of medium and companion

The medium attracts many disembodied spirits even if not having some of them, the best intentions. Some of the intentions that these negative spirits have, excluding those who seek mediums in search of a link with the physical world to convey messages to their relatives, to ask for prayers or to forward them to the upper astral planes where they will be properly attended by various spiritual assistants, are to use the body of the medium to enjoy the earthly pleasures they had while incarnated. Addictions of sex, tobacco, alcohol, drugs and negativity do not disappear with discontent (death of the physical body). On the contrary, they remain on the other side of the veil, however, with much greater difficulties to be satisfied. In such cases, the medium’s body is seen as a great opportunity. Thus, not infrequently, the spirits of the emotional and mental body of the medium approach and begin to suggest them greatly with the desire for sex, and the medium, depending on his sensitivity and level of consciousness, perceive the stimulation of the chakra of emotions and his sexual organs, which are being stimulated by external source. When the medium does not have a high level of consciousness, he is sometimes led to think that that sudden voluptuousness is from himself, therefore he should consider it natural and try to satisfy it as soon as possible since it proves to be quite imperative.

In other cases, it is not the medium who is attacked in this way but rather his companion who comes to reveal to this surprise, a considerable increase in sexual appetite as well as a more animal way to satisfy him. What happens in practice is that the medium is not only having sex with his partner but also with one, two or more disembodied spirits that are excite him to enjoy himself. Sometimes the medium is aware of it, sometimes not.

When the type of mediumship is of incorporation, the problem deepens, with the victim having strong sexual thoughts, dreams of this nature, very frequent desire to have sex and a considerable increase in promiscuity (desire to have relations with family members, including parents, siblings, children, committed co-workers, people of the same sex without, however having homosexual orientation, necrophilia, pedophilia, zoophilia). The result of this extremely embarrassing and painful situation for the medium results in a huge breach of confidence of the medium in himself, a deep feeling of shame and disgust of himself. This makes the medium come to see himself as a mere object of the inferior spirits, someone unclean, unable to face the temptations that come to him on the side of evil, someone who refuses to connect with the entities of light, Christ, Mary, to his spiritual guides and mentors because he considers that he has sinned and who, being so “dirty”, it is not even worth addressing entities of such great evolution their shame for having participated in such ignominious acts, even if “thank you” (for a spirit to incorporate there must always be a certain authorization, conscious or unconscious, on the part of the medium or a karmic debt to an obsessive that the medium agreed to pay before reincarnating).

The sexual energy terribly aroused in this way under the strong action of the inferior spirits that feed on it together with the conscious and constant denial of the medium, can lead the medium to a clinical picture of madness. In these cases, the person must be attended as soon as possible in a spiritist center so that his energy can be rebalanced and his obsessives can be removed and indoctrinated (if they want).

In cases where the medium not prepared and unaware of his condition asks for help to more traditional means – Psychology – may be recommended to change thoughts (something ineffective given that this is evidently the first solution that the medium will try), change of focus of his actions, change of habits, masturbation to exhaust his sexual energy (ineffective given weaken the will of the medium’s spirit and increase the control of obsessives on the first to in addition to feeding them with energy at orgasm – see The Book of Energies of Rubens Saraceni) or simply give in to the will of unbridled sexual intercourse with the companion whenever the obsessive energies want, becoming a puppet of them, whose strings are located in the mind of the obsessed and in the chakra of emotions.

If he is not yet very committed, the medium will try to pray to God or some entity of light to rid him of the problem. However, when the problem is already very advanced, the medium’s shadow as well as the negative energies can ally themselves, meddling in the way and projecting on the screen of his consciousness, for brief microseconds, alarm clock images of libido, full of lust, sometimes, including even the very deities to whom is asking for help in order to invalidate all the effort of correction of the medium through prayer and sabotage all his attempts to if cleanse, causing him hopelessness and lack of faith, faith that is one of the main weapons of a medium to help his brothers.

When in a relationship and if the problem is not treated, the medium yielding to the temptation of multiple sexual relations in a short time, in addition to exhausting resources of the nervous system and its vital energy, can create imbalance in the relationship with the partner who becomes suspicious of such and so frequent imperative will to have sex. By depleting vital energy, diseases begin to appear in the physical body as the body’s defenses required it.

This is a problem that can be easily addressed by the Beings of Light in a Multidimensional Therapy session as it allows to rebalance the medium’s energy, its chakras as well as to route its obsessives (if the time comes) and doctrinate them.

Sexual attacks by disembodied spirits

During the conscious astral journey, many dangers lurk, when not properly oriented under the guard and protection of the medium’s guides. The mind of the medium when left free during the day with libidinous thoughts of a negative nature, when the passing of the waking state to the state of sleep, drags the spirit into the lower astral, plane to which all the negative emotions and thoughts of all humanity incarnated in the third dimension flow like rainwater to a sewer in which the lower spirits feed.

Some mediums report being raped by spirits or just sexually attacked while they slept or dreamed. These attacks are more frequent when traveling on an astral trip. Other descriptions note that they felt presenceat night in the dark, next to them or on top of you in bed, when you slept alone or with your partner sleeping next to you in bed. They report the fact that they have felt even the breath of someone hovering over their body, the smell of tobacco or alcohol, a nauseating breath, smell of sulfur and a slight pressure on certain parts of their body despite the immobility of the physical body of the medium as well as the feeling that the blankets moved as if acted by someone.

These energies are sometimes victim obsessives who come to charge (for just cause or not) something they think they are entitled to. These obsessives may be the medium’s own spouse or wife who do not accept their disemour and insist on staying close to their former partner as may be other energies that come for karmic reasons. Usually, there is a previous relationship, in the present or past incarnation, which conferred the right of the spirit to come to obsidia his “victim”. God doesn’t play dice. There’s always a cause. Disembodied energies never attack for no reason. There must always be an authorization of the victim himself to be obsessed by the spirit of other as well as the permission of God for this to happen. This is true for a karmic rebalance.

Astral travel is not a privilege of some mediums. It is a much more common phenomenon than one might imagine and some factors can greatly increase its occurrence, such as:

  • sleep on your stomach with your arms and legs uncrossed
  • take 400mg or 800mg of galantamine before falling asleep
  • ingest tryptophan-rich foods (precursor of the neurotransmitter serotonin) such as cheese or other dairy products before falling asleep
  • nicotine patches or, being a habitual smoker, do not smoke for one or two days in a row

Spiritual cleansing for people with unbalanced mediumship

People with a lot of mediumship, in a natural way and without being able to control it even though they realize it, attract other people who, in a spontaneous and unsolicited way, begin to tell them about their life and their personal problems. This happens in various places such as a bus or metro stop, in a clothing store or in a waiting room. These people come to seek energy from the medium who automatically gives him up with the simple fact of paying attention to the person.

One of the most unpleasant characteristics for people with a lot of mediumship is to absorb the negative energy of people and environments. Over days and weeks, the medium is becoming increasingly “charged” with negative energies that he absorbs as he deals with other people or is in environments with a lot of negativity (fear and apprehension in a dentist’s office, in a hospital, stress in a company, etc.).

Thus, given that the medium often gives up his energy depending on other people and absorbs for himself the negative energies, he has the need to clean energy. If it does not cleanse, it begins to accumulate negative fluids from other people (anger, fear, sadness, apathy, melancholy, boredom, anxiety, nervousness) which sooner or later, in addition to the psychological part, ends up affecting the physical part.

How to balance mediumship

The practice of meditation is a powerful help for the medium where not only can this one restore the energy balance but can, in a safe way, develop their mediumship by sharpening their intuition. Prayer as a form of meditation also helps the medium because it makes him focus on divine and loving energies and, by focusing on a divine energy, begins to assume the same characteristics.

The regular practice of Reiki in self-treatment mode is also highly advisable as well as any other alternative therapies (Acupuncture, Multidimensional Therapy, Reconnective Healing, Stellar Quantum Healing, Radionic Table, Hebrew Pendulum, etc).).

It is also recommended to surround yourself with positive people, with a way of thinking positive, happy and grateful for life and to move away from negative, spiteful, skeptical people in relation to a happy life and balance as well as reading books of self-help and Spirituality that will educate the person to a happier life. You should walk away when you consider that you cannot turn negative people into something more positive or that you are not yet in a position to do so, either because you do not feel prepared or because those same people do not want to change.

Develop mediumship

The desire of the medium to improve his gifts when they already manifest themselves or to experience them for the first time brings him, sometimes, a deep frustration, especially if compared to other mediums. However, the medium should remember that this frustration he feels is positive in the sense that something deep in him reminds him of an unrealized potential and not manifest that is waiting for the right opportunity, the paradigm shift of certain reality, the transformation of the right belief system to manifest itself. It should remind deepak Chopra: “Desire contains in itself the seed of fulfillment.” All desire will come true sooner or later.

Spiritual Cleansing Session Marking

The Spiritual Cleansing performed by the Beings of Light (in person in the Paulo Nogueira Paulo Nogueira Terapias in Lisbon or at a distance) serves the purpose of cleaning people with mediumship who greatly absorb the energy of spaces and other people, Indigos and Cristal, harmonize them the energy field, rebalance them the mediumship by conferring a greater peace for more tumultuous periods as well as for spiritual cleansing of the residence of the medium since it attracts many disembodied spirits. The form below is for the marking of your Spiritual Cleansing session (for Portugal, Brazil, Angola, USA, UK or any other country).

Therapist: Paulo Nogueira
Session duration: 1 hour
Value: 30 euros or 100 reais
Mode: Face-to-face (in Lisbon, Portugal) or remote (via Skype after payment confirmation)

Note: The article reproduced above is based on numerous reports of people with mediumship, not intending its author to exhaust the subject or assume any figure of authority in the matter, and any information contained in it is subject to review without notice and its content can be improved over time so it is always advisable prudence and critical sense in its analysis before drafting any conclusion in case of identifying with some situations Described.

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