The feeling of loneliness affects both lonely and accompanied people. This feeling is rooted in the consciousness of separation of the Self from the Divine which comprises all that exists. It originates, therefore, from the consciousness of duality. Attaining Enlightenment means attaining a full and abiding sense of union with the All. Avatars like Swami Nithyananda (incarnation of Shiva) and Swami Vishwananda (incarnation of Vishnu) as well as Christ Jesus, Christ Babaji, Paramahansa Yogananda, Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri, Lahiri Mahasaya and Buddha attained Enlightenment – the supreme realization being the true purpose of the Soul throughout all its reincarnations in all the worlds it traversed. When a human being attains enlightenment, he feels One with all that is and any and all feelings of loneliness fade away as he comes to recognize that separation is only an illusion created by the mind.

When two people are together in a loving relationship, but each of them continues to feel loneliness as they did before the relationship began, they should do an inner work of self-knowledge in order to search for the parts of themselves that are separated from their Soul and reintegrate them, and as this reintegration of the various parts of themselves takes place, that person will feel more and more one with the All and with the person with whom they chose to share their life.

We should never forget that our exterior always reflects our interior. If there are parts of us that feel separate from our true Self, there will always be, on the outside, a sense of separation from the people around us. When all the inner parts of us are fully integrated through Forgiveness and Unconditional Acceptance, we will also feel, on the outside, a very strong connection with the people around us, including the most intimate ones in our lives.