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One of the functions of Beings of Light in the context of Multidimensional Therapy is the cleaning of spells and replacement of the patient’s energy balance.

Magic consists in the manipulation of subtle energies acted by the will of the performer (commonly called a magician) using or not material elements to intensify the power of the mind of the person who acts negatively on other. The most frequent victims of magic are mediums as well as people with some sensitivity to energy.
Magic can be done not only to a person but to their relationship with other people which triggers discussions between boyfriends, husband and wife, parents and children or other people with whom one usually has a very close relationship. The aim in these cases is to cause conflicts in relationships and get people to part with each other.

Usually, in the case of magic made to separate a couple, it is the companion who first detects the supernatural influence because it is she who is most attentive to the relationship and behavior of the companion in everything he does and the dynamics of the couple. Women have a more observant, analytical and attentive nature to the personality of others, while man has a more rational and action-taking nature. It is normal for couples to argue sometimes, it is part of life and even, in a way, it can be healthy for the relationship. However, when the partner comes to assume, in a sudden way, a behavior and attitudes harmful to the relationship and completely dissonar of what was their personality pattern, for example, dating 12 years with a person and suddenly for 2 weeks, discuss intensely for things that for years never attributed any importance and want to end the relationship without that for weeks or months before any sign was assumed that this would happen, such a situation should be carefully analyzed as well as other conditions to ascertain whether it is something normal that happens (it is normal that relationships come to an end either by weariness, because someone else appeared in the life of one of the companions, companion became pregnant without that companion was prepared to assume the responsibility of father, etc). In cases where magic is involved, the companion reveals a very different personality from the one he knew before, reveals a lot of negativity, irritability and even his own habits can change.

The companion may suspect that the relationship is under the effect of magic when a medium or tarologist has told her or the mother herself notices the signs she is faced with. When magic has been made for the relationship, Beings of Light can act within the framework of Multidimensional Therapy. When the magic has been done to the companion, it is necessary that the companion himself expresses his will and authorization for it to be dismantled. What happens quite often is that magic is made for the companion, the companion is skeptical (does not believe in the existence of spirits or spells) and therefore does not request or authorize the Session of Multidimensional Therapy. In such cases, the session is not held.

Symptoms of magic on the person

Some people under the effect of magic have recurring nightmares about beings, objects (coffins, graves and tombs) and animals traditionally associated with evil such as snakes. Sometimes they dream of themselves with their eyes pierced by two long, cylindrical and pointed objects or find themselves repeatedly committing suicide in various ways (hanging, asphyxiation, drowning, head shot, a fall from a great height among others).
Magic can act on the subtle bodies and physical chorus of the person weakening their physical and energetic health.

Generally, the person begins to feel that something very supernatural is happening in her life, especially salient when she has no clinical history of mental illness or any external factor (losses of a loved one, a relationship, a job, money, etc.) that could have triggered a series of events that she is experiencing. For example, always at a certain time you feel pain in a part of the body, you hear sounds of people walking in your home even when you are alone, the appliances all break down in a short time (1 day, for example) without noticing any anomaly in the electricity distribution network (a short circuit, for example), suffers several accidents in a short time, you start to feel very bad (an intense headache) when you are close to a particular person or when you are in a given place, you see figures, you suddenly feel depressed and extremely sad without there being enough to feel such an intensity of sadness, suddenly you start to have thoughts of suicide without having had any history at that level in the past, the people i normally dealt with start to show aversion, hatred and antipathy, arriving, in some cases, the animals themselves to demonstrate the same aggressive behavior when they were previously docile to them, etc.

For magic to act on a person’s life, it’s not enough just a wizard to want. It takes more than that. Authorization from an unconscious part of the “victim” is required for magic to affect her. Weakened physical or mental health states also contribute to the negativity sent by magic (which may include contracted dark spirits) to have a greater effect on the “victim”, and therefore the patient should seek to find a positive attitude in his life, feelings of love, gratitude and forgiveness to compensate. The patient must also take a discharge bath that includes sword of St. George, Guinea, Rue, Rosemary and Lavender for 3 consecutive days asking archangel Michael with faith to clean seem all the magic and direct all negative spirits that are affecting their life to their place of origin, destiny and deserving according to divine law.

Multidimensional Therapy can minimize the negative effects of a magic or even, eventually, eliminate it and there is, however, no guarantee of success and the client must therefore follow his intuition. In case of spiritual urgency, you should look for a spiritist center or a medium specialized in this type of work that exceeds the competencies of a multidimensional therapist.

In the book Legion – A Look at the Kingdom of Shadows psychographed by the medium Robson Pinheiro, Father John of Arwanda also clarifies:

—To what extent can black magic affect a person who is attuned to good? Can this happen?

“Perhaps, my children, the greatest problem is in the sense that the word magic is. When we refer to magic, we don’t understand it as something supernatural or pretentiously hidden, as if it were a fantastic and wonderful power. We define it as the ability of certain spirits to influence the fluid environments and energies dispersed in the universe, so that they obey their mental command and serve a certain purpose. From this perspective, we can also judge that no one is at all times attuned to the elevated spheres or immune to disharmonious thoughts and emotions. “To have a clearer idea, in cases not so sporadic, the magic performed in the distant past remains orbiting around the vibratory field of the individual, until the time when he finds himself in energetic depression, with ungoverned thought and emotions in dismay. At this unfortunate moment, the energy agglutinated in the astral is diluted or absorbed by the aura, so that the energy accumulation is transferred entirely to the vibratory address. Among the processes of complex obsession, this is cataloged as magic performed in the remote or recent past, which brings repercussions on the present of the person, causing psychosomatic disorders more or less severe, according to each episode.

The procedure also takes into account the victim’s reincarnation program, which, strictly speaking, is not always as victimly as one thinks. Thus, when we study magic aware that it is not supernatural practice, but effects arising from natural laws, poorly observed and understood superficially even by those who claim to be literate in spiritual life, we can understand how there are many more things behind the black magic performed in the astral than many of those who consider themselves experts in the subject assume. “The merit, argument always raised when the theme black magic is considered, in defenses of the alleged victims, will only mitigate the outbreak of the obsessive process. However, we still do not know, in earthly reality, a spirit that is truly deserving, to the point of being totally immune, safe from the attacks of darkness. Therefore, the pertinence of the counsel of The Master Jesus with regard to praying and watching, a constant need of the inhabitants of the world. Ignorance, as well as the pretension of those who claim to know in depth everything about hidden or spiritual life, finds wide welcome among the incarnates. Due to the evolutionary delay in which we position ourselves, the individual carmic dispositions and the current behavior itself in the face of free will, the infamous merit, which is imagined prerogative of each one, becomes something seriously questionable. This is why, my children, it is
we need to study indefinitely in order to equip ourselves in the battle against forces attuned to evil.”

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