Multidimensional Therapy – How it works

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How does Multidimensional Therapy work?

Multidimensional Therapy aims to address all the issues related to the evolution of the Soul by helping to recognize the Unity within each of us.

The heart of the multidimensional therapist is used as a portal to facilitate the rise of the client who presents himself in the session with various subjects, which can be attended in a single session, and should always take into account that the best will be performed from the perspective of the Soul of the client, that is, always pointing to his Supreme Good. Various blockages that start or delay the spiritual growth of the client, can be addressed, inter alia, issues related to love life, relationships with family members, pending legal issues, financial life, physical and energetic well-being of pets, energy cleaning of homes, vehicles and the work environment as well as various types of phobias, traumas and personality blocks (be very closed in new situations or with new people, procrastination, bad eating habits among others).

This article explains in detail how Multidimensional Therapy works – a therapy in which the therapist creates white light roots linked to the center of the Earth and remains in a meditative state focused on the heart while his double and his team of Beings of Light work on the person’s most diverse operations.

Affective life is one of the most worked subjects in the context of multidimensional therapy. A source of happiness for some and unhappiness for others, it is an unavoidable theme in the life of a human being who wants to feel complete. Several problems can be dealt with in this matter such as the inability to demonstrate to the other person their feelings and emotions, to present their true personality before another person, to assume themselves as it is, to assume their sexual identity, their tastes, their person among other aspects.

As Dr. Michael Newton postulates in his book The Journey of Souls,shyness is a castrating of the Soul, and is therefore a very recurrent theme in the office of a multidimensional therapist. Love shyness consists of a subtype of a greater blockage – social shyness – and results from the lack of acceptance of oney which causes fear of the judgment of others and, consequently, the fear of often assuming before another a feeling that when exposed could start a relationship. In the event that the person finds himself in a loving relationship, the problems do not end. The lack of communication between the couple’s members is one of the factors that can undermine the confidence of partners and lead to their breakup. In this sense, Beings of Light help harmonize the relationship.

For students, Multidimensional Therapy can also result in added value as it can alleviate their anxiety on the eve of exams in their medical or academic studies, cleanse their procrastination with regard to studies, stimulate the motivation to learn more or even rely more on yourself when taking some measurement test related to entry into some activity (road code exams, examination, psycho-technical or physical tests). It may be in the case of athletes and sportsmen help them not to put so much emphasis on the results obtained and to carry out their practices with more pleasure and less pressure, helping them to enter a state of flux more often.

With regard to the opening of financial paths, this holistic therapy helps the client to recognize the existence of the Law of Abundance in the Universe and invites him to enter a mental state more aligned with the consciousness of that same law, challenging him to transform some of his limiting beliefs into possibilities, including the creation of new business through the identification of his innats and his potentialities, in order to better serve oneanother and others in an ethical and responsible manner or, likewise, to explore, on account of others, their valences and knowledge in a given field of knowledge.

Multidimensional Therapy provides session after session the return to Unity and, with this awareness, self-confidence is born spontaneously and naturally since the person will inevitably identify himself as a spark of the divine Fire of the Source that dwells within the heart of each Being through his Call Trina. It will see itself as a channel of the Greater Being that makes abode in the heart of each one of us, resplendent in every moment, waiting for our awareness of who we really Are. With the awareness of our divinity, a balm of Hope and Peace is poured out upon our spirit that comes to recognize it as something native in itself. Self-esteem stems directly from the fact that we feel loved by ourselves, which is obviously one of the goals of therapy and, at the same time, a means and an end in itself. Life after life, we must love ourselves more and more, never forgetting the 2nd Christic Commandment:

You will love others as yourself.

We often forget this commandment when we remember more of our neighbor than ourselves, and likewise we will be disrespecting this commandment. Too often, mothers who have forgotten themselves as wives, women and professionals, forget about themselves, to take care of themselves, to pamper themselves and to love each other, putting their children on a level too above their own, paying with it, high consequences, among which, neglect their health which causes diseases, neglect their physical form and their appearance which may give rise to betrayals on the part of their husband, boyfriend or companion or, so simply, loss of chance and loss of interest in the natural wear and tear of the relationship.

Healing of fears

Fear is the result of lack of love. Where there is no love, there is fear. And where there is fear, there is anger, the strategy of preemptive strike in the case of aggressive personalities. An aggressive personality is the result of an adaptation to a context where fear reigns. We are invited to witness this phenomenon both on a family scale with bad relationships between us and our families and on an international scale between countries and cultures with the theme of terrorism well present in the media. True courage is born in the one who “gives the other side”, that is, who demonstrates before the aggressor who dispenses his sword and throws it to the ground. This attitude of abandoning arms demonstrates an infallible courage to overcome fear, not in a sense of surrendering to the adversary, but of surrendering to the Peace that in this warrior inhabits. Maximum courage is born of a heart overflowing with love that does not yield to fear. Multidimensional Therapy opens the consciousness of the client by linking him to the universal and timeless truths, residing in his Higher Self.

Fear is also born of spiritual ignorance, of blind trust in the senses, in the illusion of the Maya of physicality as Postulated By Deepak Chopra. Fear often arises from the projection on the other side of our shadow side that has repressed wills and desires of destruction as well as negative judgments about others.

One of the most common fears is the fear of public speaking as in the cases of students who reject the opportunity to present a job at school or college, of a professional who refuses the opportunity to make a presentation of an idea or a new product before their peers or an artist who rejects invitations to give a show. In the context of Multidimensional Therapy, the multidimensional therapist offers new perspectives and paradigms of how to face this new challenge as well as can eventually receive messages from the Beings of Light from what really afflicts him on an unconscious level and that prevents him from taking on the challenge. Fear is generally associated with inferiority complexes and low self-esteem.

Cleaning of negative schedules and promises

When we say something with great vehemence and emotional energy, we are giving an explicit order to the Universe and the subconscious mind, which will execute it, attracting situations and people with the same vibration of emotion with which it was said. If it is something positive such as “I will become the best worker on the face of the earth and surroundings!” we will attract situations in which we will see our professional merit recognized. If, on the other hand, it is something castrating such as “Banks and politicians are corrupt! I will never believe in banks and politicians again!” we will attract situations where, from time to time, we will be faced with unexpected capital losses in our bank accounts through hidden fees or an unexpected increase in taxes and inflation. This is because we attract what we believe and expect – Law of Expectation. What we affirm with great emotion and feeling has the same energetic power of a prayer.

If after the end of a relationship for betrayal of a companion, the companion states with great anger “I will never trust men again! Men are all infidels!”, she will have just made a promise without realizing it. She has just promised that she will never trust men again which will inevitably bring her ample obstacles in establishing new affective relationships in the future, even though she has forgotten the phrase, eventually uttered, a year ago, ten or thirty years ago, or even in a past incarnation, given that this statement is etched in her lower mental body. which survives after the disflesh of the physical and etheric body.

Cleaning pacts

In the Light there are no covenants. No light entity is “attached” to someone to force them to do anything. The Light and the Whole Being of Light fully respect the Law of Free Will. However, when a person paths that hurt the free will of his Soul and others through negative spells, he may be compromised through pacts he has made with low vibration entities in exchange for money, sex, and power. These covenants can drag on several incarnations, severely compromising the spiritual evolution of the Soul that has already taken a long way to go (hundreds of thousands of years or even millions of years) until it reaches enlightenment. Usually, these pacts bring engaged obsessions on the part of entities that were once slaves but who will later become the lords of the obsessed. These pacts, signed, consciously or unconsciously, by the most unsuspecting who could not see beyond the immediate satisfaction of their egos, vices and senses, can be broken in a Session of Multidimensional Therapy if their Higher Self for such authorization. Usually, permission is given when the person has already learned the lesson. Otherwise, you will have to remain hostage to your choices of the past for a while longer until suffering brings you an even greater dose of humility, spiritual search, and need for redemption.

Cleaning of karmic contracts

A karmic contract consists of a spiritual agreement between two or more Souls when they are still in the planning phase of their next incarnation and which provides for the learning of certain lessons that may entail greater or lesser degree of suffering through the interaction between them when they are again incarnated. Karmic contracts can be concluded in order to fit various family, social, professional or affective roles.

For example, one Soul may sign a karmic contract with another in which one will play the role of a father and the other as a child. It was agreed in this agreement that the father would behave extremely demandingand authoritarian as a way to compensate for the tendency to a lifestyle of total debauchery and abuse of the senses perpetrated by the spirit of his son over several past lives. Thus, in this current life, according to the contract, the father is supposed to have a great firmness and presence in the education and moral formation of his son. The father, in this mere example, may also be implicated in the remission of previous karma since in past lives he was too individualistic a parent, concerned only with himself, completely disconnected from his family responsibilities and who comes, in this life, with the help of this child of obstinate and rebellious behavior, to learn the importance of being present in the moral formation of his children, having to give up some material comforts that his more elongated presence in the office could translate into salary terms.

Thus, in this example, the father comes to help his son become in this life more responsible and morally balanced because it will restrict him access to the inorrity enjoyments to which he has given himself in past lives. The son, in turn, comes to help the father, to give more importance to the family and to give up his too comfortable individualism, practiced over several past lives.

If both have already learned their lesson, The Beings of Light may with the permission of the Soul (Higher I) terminate the contract. Thus, after the Multidimensional Therapy session, the child may notice that the father has become much softer, less authoritarian and demanding and the father, in turn, may notice that the child has a greater maturity which comes to rest more and will allow him to loosen the strict control he previously exercised over him and rely more on his ability to manage his own life.

Cleaning votes

Another of the services provided to Alma by Multidimensional Therapy, sometimes called TM or TMD as a form of abbreviation, is the cleaning of votes in this life or past lives that are no longer in accordance with the current will of the client or with its purpose in the present incarnation.

Trauma healing

When a trauma happens, a part of our energy is withdrawn forming a part of us that is now separated. That part of our energy has aggregated functionalities that we will no longer be able to make use of. In order to become “whole” again, the Beings of Light will locate these parts of our energy, heal them in hospital ships or other places of the astral plane and reintegrate them into us, again, but with the learning that trauma has left us but without the emotional marks that would limit our choices of the present.

To better understand the concept, I’ll give you an example of a man who’s going to hunt in the woods. At one point, he is attacked by surprise by a boar that emerges from the dense foliage without giving him time to react and pulls some of his belly from the belly of his leg running away after the hunter has shot him into the air to scare him away. The hunter is badly injured and becomes aware that the leg may begin to become infected with several pathogenic microorganisms in the coming hours. Since you do not have access to medical care nearby, you will be forced to cut your leg by the knee so as not to affect the entire body due to the start gangrene. Thanks to this bold and courageous decision, you will be able to save your life. However, you will be unable to get around and have lost your leg. You’ll have been left without the floor functionality. This is exactly what happens in psychological terms with a person who suffers a trauma with some slight differences, of course, in relation to a physical trauma. So that the human mind is not compromised as a whole, the Soul isolates the sick part in the dark basement of the unconscious of the mind until someone – a doctor or a Being of Light – goes there with a flashlight to the basement, finds that lost part, restores it, and reinstates it so that the whole can recount the functionality it has lost.

There are several types of trauma sand that depending on how the person reaused, the age at which they occurred and the extenuating or aggravating circumstances, can leave psychological scars of greater or lesser severity. These may be traumas related to sexual abuse or rape that may make it impossible for a person to establish healthy relationships and in many cases the victim may attract companions in the same pattern.

It could be traumas related to bullying in childhood or adolescence that will dramatically affect the person reducing their self-esteem and self-confidence. Other traumas swell from seemingly innocent pranks that have had harmful psychological consequences such as forcing someone to swallow small reptiles and living arachnids, closing in a dark closet with little space, pushing and then holding someone from the terrace of a 300 mts high rise, closing someone in the key at 3:00 a.m. inside a haunted house or cemetery, or nailing a scare using a scary mask at night in silence after see a horror movie.

They may also be related to animal attacks such as birds or mammals (dogs in the most frequent), traffic accidents as well as physical and verbal abuse in public.

The advantage of Multidimensional Therapy over the practice of a regression to past lives is that the patient does not have to relive the terror in his mind again. This does not invalidate that in some sessions images cannot come to the conscious, but the person will always be aware that he is in a safe, loving and welcoming environment.

Healing of the inner victim

Sometimes, in the context of a Multidimensional Therapy consultation, the patient puts himself in a position of victim, of someone to whom the world, God, society or parents owe immense. This person is using a paradigm that does not reinforce his true divine identity but only gives him a certain temporary comfort and that the price of inertia of that person will be unveiled too expensive if he does not change it. In the entire universe there are no victims. If there were no victims in the universe would mean that there would be no Divine Justice, and if there were no Divine Justice, there could be no God. As in a courtroom, when a crime is exposed before the judge, all witnesses of defense and prosecution must be heard and the crime should be tried on a plan as broad as possible in order to assess all the appropriate consequences of it for all those involved, directly and indirectly.

When a person puts himself in the role of victim, he gives up his personal power to be able to change his current reality to a happier reality. Multidimensional Therapy helps the person to regain his/herresponsibility (responsability or response ability) in order to respond to a given situation. By taking responsibility for his current situation, the person replaces the false identity of a helpless victim before the hard-groups of the world with that of an immortal Soul, heiress of God, who allows himself to experience the game of the current incarnation from a higher perspective.

Depression Cure

Depression results from an inward-facing rage. There are depressed people who reveal their depression through constant irritability and others who reveal it through extreme apathy, totally absent from positive emotions. Although Reiki if you reveal a therapy that is extremely effective when performed long enough (I recommend 42 consecutive days of Reiki) on a patient with depression, Multidimensional Therapy can also help to recover when depression originates in specific negative circumstances such as the loss of a job, a home or a relationship and not in chronic situations where depression arises as something that lasts for more than 10 years and takes over a lifestyle and has been installed for so long that it becomes part of the person’s own personality and identity derived from the negative way one sees himself and the world.

Healing panic attacks

Sometimes panic attacks are generated when a memory comes to the surface of the unconscious to the conscious derived from a situation that served as the basis to revive something similar that the person experienced at the time the trauma in this life or past lives occurred. This trigger can be a smell, a situation, a person, or a phrase.

These types of panic attacks can be treated with Psychology, Psychotherapy, Multidimensional Therapy, Radionic Table, Stellar Quantum Healing or other therapies. However, there are cases where panic attacks do not come from a memory of the person’s spirit but from an obsessive that the person brings with him, usually called “backrest”. In this case, the patient is not feeling an extreme fear of his but the extreme fear of the spirit that is obsidiating him in his aura. Because Beings of Light can route this entity to the Light, they are not very difficult to solve.

Sensations after therapy

Usually, after a Multidimensional Therapy session the patient feels a feeling of greater peace and inner lightness, of a state of grace. This feeling lasts, on average, about 3 days and although the person returns to normal, the cure that led her there to therapy has already operated and the person does not fall so deeply back into the negative state in which he was before and will already be able to glimpse his reality with another look with more Faith and Hope in the future.

Session after session, the person will feel better and more in Peace.

Spiritual surgeries

The Beings of Light are also able to perform surgeries on the patient’s astral body which will have repercussions later on the physical level. In other words, they alter the DNA information of each cell of a sick organ and increase its vibration by restoring the health of that organ’s dew. When the cells of that organ end their life cycle (some cells last a few hours while others last 6 months), the new cells will already contain the new healthy information. Beings of Light also perform healthy organ transplants by putting them in place of the sick organs in the astral body. Not infrequently, the person who underwent physical surgery on a part of his body feels that part is “stirred” by the Beings of Light even though this surgery was more than two decades earlier.

Obviously, spiritual surgery performed in Multidimensional Therapy should never be considered as a substitute for medical follow-up or even in place of physical surgery. It should be seen rather as an add-on. Likewise, it should also not be considered equated to spiritual surgeries performed by healing mediums that normally incorporate doctors from the astral plane in spiritist centers as is the case of the magnanimous work performed by the venerable medium João de Deus in Abadiânia in the state of Goiânea in Brazil.

The Beings of Light also cleanse the astral body of miasmas – information of diseases as well as of astral larvae.

Body rescue

The rescue of the body takes place when the Beings of Light locate the spirit of a person in a previous incarnation still trapped in a lower dimension, treat him and reintegrate him into his Soul. One of the various reasons that can trap the spirit to a lower dimension and prevent it from transiting to the Light, that is, that it transitions to the higher dimensions is the lack of forgiveness to itself and others for mistakes made. In this case, the disembodied spirit will be in a region of the astral plane that the followers of the Spiritist Doctrine call Umbral. The Umbral corresponds to what Catholics call purgatory and aims to help the spirit free itself from its fears, guilts, angers and other negative emotions accumulated during its most recent existence in matter (incarnation). Thus, the purpose of the Umbral is not that of suffering but of learning and recognizing the failures that the spirit keeps within itself and which, often, will be presented to him through other suffering brothers who are connected to him by the same thoughts.

Healing and rescue of the Inner Child

The inner child is a part of our psyche. It is based on our ability to be spontaneous, creative and happy. When our inner child is sad, we are sad. Sometimes, the sadness of the inner child is due to several feelings of low self-esteem and inferiority complexes rooted in early childhood. Without a balanced and healthy inner child, we can find ourselves more likely to be more likely to be of child behavior in the professional or personal field, for example, by being unable to make commitments among several other blocks:

  • keep the feelings to yourself and not demonstrate them – one of the causes lies in the programming that the child received in childhood mixed with feelings of inferiority:
    – “You mustn’t speak in public!” (instill fear of public speaking)
    – “Don’t cry in public or you’ll suffer the consequences as soon as you get home!”
    – “Quiet and quiet! When adults talk, children shut up!”
  • afraid to take the initiative
    – “You don’t understand any of this! You’re just a kid!” (instill feeling of inferiority)
    – “You don’t have the capacity! Learn to wait and let an adult do it for you!” (instill feeling of disability. This type of programming teaches that the child is an incapable and that she should always expect other people to take the initiative. The child will thus cultivate inertia, lack of self-confidence, fear of taking the initiative to start loving relationships, fear of failing to take the initiative in professional projects preventing her from trying a new job as an adult or becoming an entrepreneur when opening her own business)
  • put yourself in last place
    – “Always give your place to the elders, ladies, gentlemen and younger ones!”
  • lack of confidence in himself
    – “You’re always the same! You never do anything right. You can’t be trusted!” – it makes the person not feel trustworthy. Faced with a better job opportunity, a higher salary, a healthier and happier relationship, the person will tend to refuse because he considers that the opportunity is too superior in his abilities.

Multidimensional Therapy promotes a cure, sometimes unconscious from the client’s point of view, making a regression to pieces of childhood and past lives of the client in which they are shown fragments of traumas and important episodes for the resolution of a theme that brought the client to the office of the multidimensional therapist.

Mission rescue and purpose of life

When a spirit embodies in a body (from the 3rd month of gestation), it brings a mission. A mission can be contained in one or more incarnations, and may therefore take several lives to fulfill it. However, due to the density of the material world, the Law of Oblivion and the pleasures of matter, the spirit can gradually lose itself from its identity and deviate from its original path – the path that the Soul (Higher Self) traces together with its guide when it is still in the Light to prepare its next incarnation (see michael newton’s journey of souls). Beings of Light help the spirit remember its purpose by bringing it closer to its Higher I.

Help in legal disputes

In this issue of great sensitivity to the parties involved, the Beings of Light will try to reconcile the parties involved always respecting the Law of Free Will as well as the Law of Karma which means that the Multidimensional Therapy session will help the person to clear some negative feelings and thoughts by their involvement in the situation, attachment to the results of a given court decision as well as karma that the person has in relation to those involved in the process. It must always be remembered that certain situations of earthly injustice arising from procedural errors of justice may nevertheless be at the service of a divine Law of Justice that takes into account not only the facts that have elapsed in this incarnation but of all the above. Some cases may involve issues related to inheritance, labour law or parental custody.

In conclusion, Multidimensional Therapy does not constitute an amnesty granted by the Beings of Light to avoid the consequences of an error in the matter that has ended in court. However, it can help the person to better deal with the situation he is going through at the moment by giving him more awareness and, consequently, since everything that happens happens for the learning of the spirits, there may be cases in which the person frees himself from judicial situations if he learns the respective lessons that were commissioned by his Soul. Here, in this case, Forgiveness takes special importance and, to this end, humility is usually necessary.

I remember, in particular, a case in which a customer of about 55 years owed about EUR 10 000 to a gentleman and who was interested in amortising the loan she had taken out. However, the lender was preventing the repayment of the borrowed capital in order to see the final capital increased on account of interest. This client put a lawsuit to force this gentleman to receive but since the court case had been dragging on for two consecutive years, this client was concerned about the amount she would have to pay. That’s when he sought Multidimensional Therapy. To the client’s surprise and mine, given that I consider myself an eternal self-taught and curious apprentice of all that The Beings of Light are able to operate in the lives of clients, my client received a few days after the session a letter from her lawyer announcing to her that the process had finally unlocked and that she could already pay the amount. My client paid and started sleeping more peacefully. This was a happy case in which the Beings of Light intervened in judicial matters although there are others that are told in other articles.

Spiritual evolution and mediumship development

Multidimensional Therapy helps a person to become more aware of himself as a divine and eternal being, an inseparable part of God. Although multidimensional therapy cannot be considered as a substitute for Meditation or Yoga as practices of spiritual evolution, I have seen several times clients who already have some kind of intuitive, sensitive, vidence or healing mediumness to see their abilities increased. For mediums, Multidimensional Therapy is especially indicated since this type of people attract more disembodied spirits that serve to transmit messages although this is not the only reason why this type of people attract them more and not even the only ones since the presence of disincarnated people close to incarnated is much more frequent than most people are currently aware.

Often, Multidimensional Therapy also stimulates the chakras of the throat (affects the clariaudience) and the third vision (affects clairvoyance and intuition) which will imply greater communication with the spiritual side.

Solving personal dilemmas and helping with decision-making

With regard to this topic, Beings of Light sometimes do not give the answer about the form of a thought but of a situation that the person is invited to experience in order to make a decision.

I remember a case in which I attended a 30-year-old girl of Brazilian nationality who was undecided about the direction to take in her professional life. She was undecided between immigrating again to Italy or France although she had already made several weeks, several spontaneous applications accompanied by her cover letter and curriculum vitae for both countries from which until therapy had not obtained answer coming to think if it would not be better to immigrate and try to get employment later, once there in our country. However, it was not up to him. The day after therapy, the answer she needed about the form of a proposal from France emerged.

This real case refers to the way beings of light, from time to time, work. For example, a person may be undecided between ending or continuing a loving relationship in which they are and beings of light may clear the attachment that that person may still feel for his companion so that his conscience is cleared of guilt for ending and fear of the future that will follow if he makes that decision. By cleaning up the emotional attachment that makes the person confuse with love as well, their fear of loneliness, fear of not economic survival among others, will help the person to understand what are their real feelings and whether or not it is worth continuing in the relationship. Beings of Light (from multidimensional therapy teams), such as Angels (also beings of light, of course), respond by signs to some dilemmas that the person brings to therapy. The answer may come through a conversation the person has with someone, a conversation inadvertently heard from someone else in a café or kiosk, a book in any bookstore that has a title suggestive of solving the problem or, who knows, a pamphlet on the street that flies in the wind until it hits their feet.

Open new possibilities in the professional field among others

Multidimensional Therapy helps the person to start new initiatives such as finding a new job, a new home, moving to another city or country, setting up a company among several others. The way it acts will always be through the heart and always through increased awareness so that the person sees more opportunities than threats, more windows and open doors. In the end, an infinite universe of possibilities at your disposal, at your disposal, at your disposal, offers a broader and more joyful view of reality.

Spiritual and energetic cleansing

The cleaning of spells is one of the themes sometimes sought within the scope of this therapy. At this point, negative spells are referred to, that is, those that may somehow hurt the Law of Free Will of others by coebiting him to think and feel in a way that his own in his natural state would not do. Of course, in the case of spells there are usually karmic debts that are being redeemed. For example, a person in a past life has made or commissioned spells to the other and, in this life, also receives attacks of negative magic. As always, the goal of life is learning. In this case, it may be a Soul who has decided to experience the spiritual consequences of a negative magic in order to learn what happened to those whom he attacked using magic in previous lives. One of the most common ways for a Soul to learn is to decide to go through the very situations that have made others go through to have a full knowledge of both sides of a situation.

Multidimensional Therapy can also cleanse thought forms and envy-feeling forms that can cause physical illness, discouragement and lack of energy although the herbal discharge baths that include rue, rosemary and lavender are quite effective as well.

The referral of obsessives is another of the features present during a spiritual cleansing. Usually, when a person has magic, he also has obsessives working to make that magic exist. Magic has nothing supernatural. It is only the use of techniques directed to the mental power of the magician fed with negative emotions and feelings, leveraged with various items such as the blood of animals, living or dead animals, crystals, herbs, symbols among others that will potentiate and multiply tens or hundreds of times the initial intention. In a magic can both work obsessives who are being paid (sometimes with offerings that include, for example, daggers, animal blood, brandy, cigarette smoke or cigar) to perform the intent of magic as obsessives who are not paid but rather obliged by more powerful umbraline entities to perform the work even against their will in a kind of slave-master relationship on the spiritual plane. Even in this seemingly unfair situation, this latter type of obsessives in the condition of slaves find themselves, according to a greater divine plan, rescuing karma from past lives in the threshold. In this case, they may, for example, be learning what happens on the side of the spiritual plane, when once incarnated, they used negative magic without properly understanding their foundations and implications, without knowing what entities they were dealing with, without understanding the pacts they were signing and neglecting the need for spiritual learning to understand their harmful consequences.

In this case of the use of negative energies, the responsibility of the ostentatious medium who makes conscious use of them will be greater than that of the person who does not have, for his meager mediumistic characteristics, both feedback of the techniques employed in the spiritual world. Obviously, in both case and another, everyone will be held accountable. Ignorance of the Divine Laws does not exempt beings from their fulfillment through learning. For this reason, God gave all beings the faculty of intelligence so that they could learn from all experiences everywhere, all times, and all dimensions. Evolution makes use of suffering, not as a strictly necessary condition for learning a particular lesson, but rather as a faster and more effective means for certain beings who still need suffering to feel the motivation to evolve. However, in more evolved souls such an evolutionary instrument is no longer necessary, since they now have the possibility to evolve through the Law of Service.

It is always necessary to remember the maxim of Buddha:

Suffering is optional.

Cleaning chips and implants

Some chips and implants may have negative purposes while others have positive purposes and are usually implanted in the lower body and mental body although they may also, more rarely, be physical. Beings of Light help cleanse from our energy system these devices that act as limiters of the exercise of our free will when these chips and implants are negative.

An example of a positive chip is a chip that has the function of limiting or minimizing the activity of the third vision chakra in a young child with a very strong mediumship and who is not yet prepared to deal with the visions he has, some of them truly worthy of the most famous horror films, related to umbraline spirits that take great pleasure in scaring and traumatizing them by taking on the most heinous astral forms possible in their imagination. This chip when placed on the child, with the permission of his Higher Self, will not, however, prevent psychic gifts from manifesting later when the child has grown up and has greater intellectual and emotional capacity to deal with his mediumship as well as a greater intellectual baggage of knowledge of Spirituality. There is a symbol used in Stellar Quantum Healing that has the same goal of temporarily reducing the activity of the third vision chakra by about 6 weeks. This temporary reduction in the child’s mediumship aims to prevent the child from going through a childhood full of spiritual traumas that may affect it at all levels of her life later and even to cause the child to develop such an aversion to the spiritual world that the tatéras is tasked with making the decision never to make use of her mediumship,denying it if necessary, to calm your conscience and move away from the “ghosts” of your childhood. This child, later adolescent and young adult, may even deny his mediumship by adopting totally materialistic forms of thought, adhere to a philosophical current of atheism or, at another extreme, adhere to a current or religious movement of fundamentalist canons that consider that the exercise of mediumship constitutes demonic work. You will therefore run the risk of going away from your path if your path originally traced by your Soul to the present incarnation contemplates the exercise of your psychic gifts. It is important that the child in these conditions has the support and understanding of his parents so that they can help them deal with this reality rather than instill unnecessary fears, projecting in the child, their own prejudices, religious dogmas and ignorance. If this happens, of course, both parents and the child will have the opportunity to become aware later in the course of this life as incarnated, or already disembodied, first in the threshold and, a posteriori, in the Light when it is time to meet again to evaluate together the performance of the roles with which they have committed in the past life and how in the next incarnation they can correct their mistakes. Regardless of a person’s mistakes, God in his most infinite Compassion always gives us the opportunity to learn again in new incarnations, using, if necessary, changes in the choice of the religious, cultural, political and family environment that better increases the probability of success in the face of the previous incarnation.

It should always be taken into account that the more difficult the challenges and the environment that the Soul chooses to carry out its mission in each incarnation, in case of success, the greater its merit and consequent evolution. A Soul that comes to an incarnation in which all its social, family, cultural, economic and political environment, genetics of its body, family and friends conspire in favor of the fulfillment of its mission, not presenting any external obstacle, which motivates it to seek its internal resources to overcome any difficulties and resistance will not cause it to evolve greatly although it always evolves a little even if it is to realize that it could have accomplished much more than he did.

However, this same understanding will be the seed of the drawing of a future incarnation more promising in terms of gains in moral and intellectual evolution since the whole Soul aspires to evolution and to become increasingly One with God, merging with God in an ever deeper and more complete way through the expansion of his consciousness. Everything is already One with God. Souls evolve only to realize their ever-increasing levels and, since always, existing unity with whom they created them. All that grows, incarnation after incarnation for those who are still attached to the wheel of the Samsara by karmic debts, or even for those who have already freed themselves and continues their infinite evolution (junior guide, guide, senior guide, guide advisor, master ascent, etc.), towards enlightenment, on the spiritual plane, is the divine consciousness of being One with God.

There are negative chips that are placed by extraterrestrial beings hostile to humans and that install them for various purposes. Some are used for scientific purposes, being installed during sleep normally. They aim to study our biology and send the data to a central computer that can process and record it. Other chips serve to drain our energy in order to feed other beings.

Alignment of chakras

One of the side effects of a Multidimensional Therapy session is the alignment of the chakras. Each chakra plays a specific function on the patient and when these are blocked prevent the free flow of energy which can consequently cause diseases.

Karma cleansing

While not all of a person’s karma can be cleansed, Multidimensional Therapy can help the person gain awareness of the lessons he or she has to learn by also helping to better accept certain karmic conditions.

An example of a situation in which karma cannot be overturned since it is chosen by free decision of the Soul is that of the great writer Portuguese Camilo Castelo Branco who committed suicide with a pistol shot for not accepting the very condition of blindness that would come to fall on him as a form of remission of a situation in which himself in a past life, having been a member of the court of the Holy Office, he decided himself to pierce with a burning iron the eyes of a rival of his whose wife he loved despite being a priest.

After his suicide, already on the other side of life, he decided to contact the psychography medium Yvonne Pereira to tell his story and the consequences of his suicide in the book Memories of a suicide. In this book it is reported that later, given that his karma of blindness was not cleaned because he revolted against the situation and decided to end life, he had to repeat it in the next life in order to try to clean it again through the situation of blindness by joining, of course, the karma of suicide of the previous life that would result in various physical limitations.

Therefore, karma cannot always be cleansed by the Beings of Light in case the person has not yet learned the respective lesson.

Energy cleaning of homes and commercial spaces

Sometimes in dwellings reside also spirits of people who for some reason are still attached to them because they lived in these places or because they are attached to someone who still lives. When these dwellings, which are often said to be “haunted”, are subject to sale processes, the sale cannot always take place due to the action of these “tenants” who have their own agenda in relation to the use of it. Typically, several phenomena follow these cases: sightingof spectra by people with more mediumship of day or night, occurring most often at night with high incidence at 3:00 in the morning, smells and sounds whose origin is not physically identified, intense cold currents without an atmospheric justification, interference with the electromagnetic part of household appliances among other phenomena.

In the case of commercial spaces, the disembodied spirits there residents can also create several problems. The Beings of Light under Multidimensional Therapy will try to indoctrinate these spirits by leading them to a place of the astral plane where they will be treated in a kind of clinics or hospitals (vide Our Home of the great medium Chico Xavier) and led to integration with his Soul (Higher Self) for further study of a new reincarnation to continue his evolution.

Harmonize relationships

Multidimensional Therapy allows harmonizing various types of relationships, being familiar, affective, professional or social, and the patient must always take into account that the Free Will of those involved in these relationships will always be respected by the Beings of Light.

Service to pets

Although less talked about under this therapy, Beings of Light can also help pets such as dogs and cats, for example. These two species of animals when they live in frequent contact with their owners, end up absorbing some negative energies from them, and in some cases get their chakras blocked when they cannot fully transmute these absorbing energies. In such cases, the animals will be energetically harmonized by the Beings of Light and, likewise, undergo spiritual surgeries, if necessary.

Regarding this theme of the application of therapy to animals, I remember in particular one of the first cases of cure I had with Multidimensional Therapy. Now (December 2017), after about 1500 multidimensional therapy visits, I still remember with pleasure a lady Who saw me come into my office telling me that she had lost a dog about 12 years old who was treated by her family as if she were more of a member. I remember even saying that this lady said that, in some situations, she allowed her to eat at the table, which allows her to measure, by herself, a situation of great proximity. The lady came to ask for therapy to help find the dog and I, inexperienced still at the time, however, open to new possibilities I accessed to do the therapy, although something suspicious of the effectiveness of the results given that state accustomed to attend issues related to internal problems of the person, namely, issues related to low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, phobias, traumas, panic attacks, spells, among others, but not in a situation that at the time seemed too external. You were quite sad and worried since you hadn’t seen the dog for three days and she could already be dead, eventually hit by a car or just lost.

Although this case was not very common and according to what I thought would suit Multidimensional Therapy, resolve to access the request of the lady and do the therapy.

To my surprise, the day after therapy, you called me and said that the dog had been found by a police officer who came to return her home based on the description you had left on the street in various places. I learned at that time from this case not to be suspicious of the potential of this therapy and not to judge a priori what the Beings of Light can or cannot do but only deliver to the Universe.

Animals also suffer mainly from the emotional problems of their owners. Some of the problems that affect them are stress, anxiety and depression, the mourning left by the death of the owners, physical and psychological abuse and sometimes a difficult integration with other domestic animals.

For all this, Multidimensional Therapy can help you a lot.

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