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Reiki is a healing energy, active at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, which flows from the hands of the therapist to the patient in person or at a distance.

As Reiki flows from the therapist’s hands into the patient’s spirit (online modality), the patient feels an increasing sense of unity, integration, and completeness. Reiki (Rei=universal, ki=energy) is a universal energy, that is, it is everywhere, at all times, which is why it can be transmitted at a distance. In this therapy, the therapist’s role is to serve as a channel for this energy with which he is attuned, using intention to bring it to his patient in a very natural healing process.

This loving energy brings the patient to know the depths of his being, illuminating all the darkest parts of his psyche in order to rescue his true, brightest, most beautiful self that lies hidden beneath the pain and suffering.

With Reiki, the patient can claim his or her birthright to a life of peace, joy, and unity.


Reiki is an energy therapy indicated for all people seeking peace, harmony, and balance on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Session after session, the patient experiences a more direct connection with the Source energy and becomes increasingly aware of the blocks that make it difficult for him to achieve his goals and that disrupt his relationships, including his relationship with himself. As the loving energy of Reiki fills the subtle bodies of the patient, the patient begins to release stagnant negative energies from unresolved hurts, fears, and guilt, which sometimes date back to childhood.

The Reiki therapist will connect to Source to channel pure Love energy to his patient in order to enable his reintegration with himself, helping him to heal his heart in order to experience unconditional love for himself and others. By feeling love for themselves, the patient will experience lower anxiety levels in their day-to-day life, greater natural optimism, which will increase their charisma and positively impact their relationships with others.

Reiki Energy

Reiki Energy

All forms of healing emerge from the heart chakra, which is one of the most worked chakras, although not the only one. Reiki helps the patient to be more himself, to lose the fear of expressing himself, to trust himself more, to feel a greater peace that comes from the certainty of being loved by Source, by the Creator, and to feel pleasure and comfort of being in his own skin, well rooted in the here and now.

With Reiki, the patient will no longer be afraid of his feelings, and will not only better recognize them, but also accept them naturally, regardless of whether they are classified as “positive” or “negative” by his mind. In this sense, Reiki is a therapy that increases the patient’s self-knowledge and emotional intelligence.

The more the patient opens up, the more healing energy he receives in each session, and each session will allow him to receive a greater amount at a time, beginning his transformation little by little to a calmer, more confident, happier being.

Reiki is an energy that allows greater energetic protection to the one receiving it, since the energy is brought to the surface as the spirit of the patient is prepared to Energy in the handsrelease, negative energies submerged in the subconscious in the form of cellular memories, and by releasing these same negative energies, you stop resonating with the negative energies of others around you. The Law of Resonance dictates that each person attracts the energies they have within themselves. So if you let go of negative energies and fill yourself with the loving energy of Reiki, you will attract more positive people around you who will trigger more positive events in your life.

Soon after the first Reiki session, the patient’s personal transformation to a more harmonious self begins.

The distance Reiki session (online modality) brings the patient the same benefits as the in-person Reiki session since the energy is not limited by distance. In addition, the Reiki guides who, together with the therapist, will facilitate the energy, will be with the patient working on him or her and aligning the chakras. Reiki energy (universal energy) is everywhere, at the same time. To flow, only a sender attuned to the energy (the therapist) and a receiver who gives his or her permission to pick up the energy (the patient) are needed.

The Reiki session can be repeated as many times as the patient wishes. The more sessions you do, the more pronounced the effects will be. The patient may decide to have a Reiki session every 3 days, for example, or once a week. If the time interval is relatively short, the effects of Reiki are cumulative.

To enjoy your Reiki session at a distance, in the comfort of your own home, follow these steps:
1. Select the session time and add the therapy to your shopping cart and checkout in our store
2. After making the payment, you will immediately receive in your email, the confirmation of your purchase.
3. Within 8 business hours, we will call you to schedule your session using the phone number you give us on your order checkout form. If you do not wish to wait, you can call us(912 064 084) to schedule it right after you receive your order confirmation email.

On the day and time of your distance Reiki session, you should lie down on a comfortable surface (bed, mattress, or sofa bed), put on the relaxation music we will send you, relax, and enjoy the subtle sensations of the energy.

Therapist: Paulo Nogueira

Paulo Nogueira has been a Reiki session facilitator since 2010 and a Traditional Reiki Master since 2013, having taught hundreds of Reiki sessions and trained more than 200 Reiki therapists and 50 Traditional Reiki masters.
If you wish to become a Reiki therapist, enroll in the Traditional Reiki Level I Online Course to learn how to facilitate this therapy for yourself and others.

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