Multidimensional Stellar Healing


Benefits of Multidimensional Star Healing:

  • increases awareness

  • develops compassion for oneself and for others

  • develops patience and unconditional love

  • connects you to your feeling

  • energy cleaning

  • removes limiting beliefs


Multidimensional Star Healing is a therapy that aims to address various blockages that affect the human being on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

Invoked for this therapy are the guide of the person to be treated, the ascended masters (Master Saint Germain, Master El Morya, Master Serapis Bey, Master Lanto, Master Kuthumi, Master Hilarion, Lady Nada among others), the angels, archangels, and stellar Beings of Light to act on the situations you indicate.

In this therapy, guidance comes from within the client, and Beings of Light facilitate it by opening a space of love, so that the client can more easily connect to his divine energies and get the answers he needs to live his life with more joy and peace.

The client may repeat the session as many times as they wish, as each Multidimensional Star Healing session helps to end the personal drama and negative mental narratives that the person feeds too often. The more sessions of Multidimensional Star Healing the client does, the greater the sense of well-being, freedom, grace, goodness, joy, love, and clarity they will come to harbor within themselves. The energy will act on the root of your symptoms, usually limiting beliefs present in your subconscious mind that no longer support you in achieving your goals.

Session after session, you are freed from pain, negativity, sadness, hurt, anger, and depressive states so that you can start loving and accepting yourself more just as you are.

Come and discover the countless possibilities that this therapy offers you and find out for yourself in which areas of life you can expand your level of satisfaction, releasing stagnant energies from the past and integrating darker aspects.

With this energetic approach, it will be easier to “be on the path” that your Soul had designed for you for this incarnation, and to free yourself from the patterns you carry with you from past lives. Until you are able to free yourself from these patterns, you will remain hostage in your current life to them as well as in subsequent lives.

Limiting beliefs and negative feelings are linked to psychosomatic illnesses. By releasing the beliefs, the body regenerates itself automatically and tends toward balance. It all depends on how open the client is to the session.

The Multidimensional Star Healing session is done remotely by simply indicating the time and day you wish to receive the energy during your session, put on some relaxing music, and surrender.

Your connection to your heart will be strengthened, and you will become more aware of your feelings and emotions as well as those of others around you, strengthening empathy and emotional intelligence.

Healing happens in a multidimensional way, that is, in several dimensions of your being. The client does not need to maintain an intention throughout the session. The Beings of Light already know your intention, so the best thing to do is to relax and enjoy, knowing that whatever is for you, will be received by you, and in the proper amount.

To schedule a Multidimensional Star Healing session:
1. Add the therapy to the cart and make the payment by one of the available means. You will receive, after payment, confirmation by email.
2. Call 912 064 084 and schedule your session or wait 8 business hours for our contact.
3. At the appointed date and time, you should lie down, put on the indicated relaxation music, and the session will begin.

Mode: Distance
45 mins
: Paulo Nogueira

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45 minutes


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