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The Traditional Reiki Level II Online Course will significantly raise your vibration as a Reiki therapist, as well as, substantially raise your ability to channel Reiki for yourself and others.

At this level, called Okuden (The Transformation), the initiate will receive 3 symbols that will allow him/her to greatly increase the amount of energy channeled in each session, act more deeply at the emotional and mental level, perform treatments at a distance, and apply energy protection techniques to his/her space and to him/herself.

The student who already has Level I of Traditional Reiki should enroll in Level II if they feel the need for further growth and knowledge regarding the Reiki energy. When you take Level II, you will go through a 21-day purification period, just as you did in Level I.

At Level II, since the ability of the therapist to pass energy will be greatly multiplied, the application time that a Level II Reiki therapist needs to apply to achieve the same effect as a Level I therapist will be shorter, since he or she will be able to pass much more energy.

How to schedule:
1. Add the course to the cart and make the payment. You will immediately receive the confirmation email.
2. Call 912 064 084 and schedule the date/time if you are in individual mode or enroll in a course in group mode according to the available dates.


Reiki Master: Paulo Nogueira
Mode: Online via Zoom
Duration: a full day in group mode or half a day (4 hours) in individual mode
Offer: certificate and manual in digital format

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