Spiritual Cleansing Online


The Online Spiritual Cleansing allows you to cleanse several negative energies that prevent you from living a more harmonious and conscious life.


From time to time, we need a spiritual/energetic cleansing to discharge various dense negative energies that sabotage professional performance, love and family relationships, and even our own physical and mental health.

Online Spiritual Cleansing helps mitigate negative emotional states caused by feelings of sadness, grief, hopelessness, fear, worry, anger, guilt, and stress. This spiritual therapy has effects on the mental and emotional planes, which in turn affect the physical plane.

In parallel, this session can clear karma from past lives, assist with entity referrals, cleanse negative magics, traumas, phobias as well as limiting beliefs at the subconscious level, enabling a greater conscious opening about your role in this incarnation.

The Spiritual Cleansing session allows:

  • greater mental clarity
  • cleansing of accumulated negative emotions
  • feeling of lightness and cheerfulness
  • aura cleansing
  • cleansing and alignment of the chakras
  • strengthened feeling of faith, hope and optimism in life
  • greater inner peace

With a clearer, brighter energy, the patient will be better able to dedicate himself more efficiently to his goals, professionally, financially, in love, socially, and otherwise.

The energy of Archangel Michael and several other Beings of Light will work on the patient in order to perform a deep energetic cleansing of negative thought-forms and feeling-forms from their subtle bodies as well as intrusive energies.

The remote session is conducted using WhatsApp, Skype, or Facebook Messenger to conduct the session anamnesis.
To do the session at a distance, you need to be in a calm and relaxed environment where you can lie comfortably for an hour where you will not be disturbed.
Right after the payment of your session, you can call us at +351 912 064 084 and schedule your session according to your availability or wait for our contact within 8 working hours.

Duration: 1 hour
Therapist: Paulo Nogueira

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1 hour


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