Aura Reading Therapy consists of a life transformational tool, captured by the therapist’s third vision, which transmits to the consulter a set of information that will enable him to become aware in all his areas of life (love relationships, family, social relationships, relationship with abundance, self-esteem, inner security, ability to communicate his personality and feelings). This information is gathered from the akashic records of the consulter who is in a state of consciousness and can ask pertinent questions about the information being conveyed. However, far beyond awareness, energetic work is carried out to unblock the areas of the person’s life in which they feel stagnant, to cleanse all the chakras which are responsible for the various parts of the person as well as to harmonize all their energy.

The information provided comprises the analysis of the consulter’s current moment in life, life purpose, current challenges, potentialities not yet made conscious, their state of spiritual evolution, their energetic agreements made with parents, children, companions or other people for the purpose of evolution and learning lessons, past lives and how they are influencing the current life in karmic terms and lastly the complete reading of all the chakras which are responsible for regulating the person’s inner and outer self.

With Aura ReadingThis is a very powerful therapy from a transformational point of view, which can only be done again with a minimum interval of 3 months, the person is elevated to a higher degree of self-awareness and spiritually unblocked in order to lead to the birth of a new, more conscious, peaceful and wise self.

Price: 60€
Duration: 1h30 to 2h00