The afterlife of death

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We are immortal beings. Once we exist we are “here” forever. When our bodies fall asleep at night, our spirit becomes free and travels to have in other planes, either with incarnated spirits or with disembodied spirits. When we wake up in the morning, some dreams leave the strange feeling that it wasn’t a dream. We have the strange but clear feeling that what we experienced in the dream was real. And in some cases it was even real! What happens is that these “dreams” are not dreams like those normal produced by our mind with the aim of “tidying up” the contents captured by our subconscious during the day but not processed immediately. Actually, they’re not dreams. They are experiences taken by our spirit in another dimension while we sleep. Hence the usual and strange feeling that what we experienced in the dream affected us in some way. When it comes to normal dreams, what we dream doesn’t affect us. But when it comes to experiences in other planes of existence affects us and sometimes considerably. One of the cases where it affects us is when we dream of a disembodied relative or friend and only when we wake up in the morning do we realize that that person passed away 4 or 5 years ago although while we were interacting with her in the “dream”, we did not even remember the detail that we were incarnated on Earth, on the physical plane, and that person was disembodied to reside, for example, in one of the many spiritual colonies around the earth. This fact is embodied in the psychographed book Violets in the Window when Frederick says to Patricia:

—Patricia, many incarnated are allowed on certain occasions to come, turned off by sleep, to see plays that disembodied groups do in the Spiritual Plane. Red artists already make pieces with Spiritist theme. This piece we saw, one more or less similar, will soon be rejoicing incarnates. And, like this, many other pieces with Spiritist theme will appear to instruct amusing the incarnates. And they’re going to be very successful. (Indeed, these plays are a hit among the incarnates.)


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