What is it used for

This symbol serves to amplify the flow of Reiki energy and treats the physical body and the etheric body. How this symbol increases significantly the potency of the Reiki energy, the time required for treatment in each position decreases.

Its symbolism

The first part of the symbol looks like a seven (7). This The latter represents the totality of the planetary orders.

The second part resembles a conch and serves to bring the energy from the higher dimensions to the physical plane.

Cho Ku Rei is connected to the Earth element and focuses on the energy at a single point.

How to use it

You should draw the symbol in violet on your hands and verbalize or mentalize your name 3 times while drawing. The symbol is pronounced syncopated form.

We can use Cho Ku Rei as protection against attacks psychic by placing it in our chakras, one by one, as well as in our aura. In this way, we will be sealing our body against harmful energies.

Environment cleaning

Cho Ku King allows the transmutation of negative energies in an environment such as the home or a commercial space as long as you have permission of the owner to use it. The more you use Cho Ku Rei, the more energy positive breeding inside the house.

Potentiate medications

By applying Cho Ku Rei on medicines, we will be to enhance their positive effects and decrease their side effects negatives.

Enhancing food

We can apply Cho Ku Rei to increase the nutritional power of food.

Choku Rei