What is Reiki

Reiki is a healing energy existing in the universe that comes from the Source with the goal of harmonizing and balancing any living being. It can likewise be applied to any project that is intended to be successful. It is an intelligent energy that uses the initiated therapist as a channel to flow to where it is needed. The therapist does not need to know what problem the person has but only trusts the process and the energy itself.

To whom or what can the Reiki be transmited

  • To human beings
  • To children (the duration of treatment is determined by them)
  • To animals
  • To plants (indoor or outdoor)
  • The food we eat, thanking the Source for that food and asking the Source for it to be purified and energized
  • To the water you drink
  • To a group of people
  • To a situation
  • To a country or a city
  • To a project, job application, loan request (asking that this happen if it is good for your evolution; if not, that you are prepared to give up)
  • To money as energy that allows us to evolve